What Is Young Living Essential Oils About?

What Is Young Living Essential Oils About?
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Either you were searching for natural essential oil or someone approached you with a business opportunity of selling Young Living (YL) essential oils. Now you are wondering what Young Living Essential Oils is about? You have come to the right place.

In this review l will talk about the founders, oils produced, how the company operates, and the business opportunity. In the conclusion, l will look at whether Young Living Essential Oils is an MLM, Pyramid Scheme, or scam.

Let’s dive in;

What Is Young Living Essential Oils About?

The founders of Young Living Essentials are D. Gary Young and Mary Young in 1994. The former brought in his passion for 100% pure essential oils and the later introduced the direct selling side of the business. It started with offices in Lehi, Utah. It has since established other offices in Europe, Canada, Japan, South Africa, and Singapore.

The company grows various organic plants on their farms, that are processed into various oil-infused products. The founders came up with the flagship, Seed to Seal production process which ensures that the products are 100% natural and organic.

The products are distributed through a network of distributors who are rewarded using a Multi-level Marketing structured compensation plan.

Note; the review of Young Living products is beyond the scope of this review. l will only list some of the popular products.

Products and Problems They Help Solving.

Young Living Essential Oils For Young Living Essential Oils For DogDIFFUSERSYoung Living Essential Oil
quality sleepfleasUSB Black & Purplemyrrh
headachesallergiesSweet Aromaorange
anxietyseizuresDesert Mist peppermint
eczemabreathFeather the Owl rosemary
snoringwith kidney diseaseGentle Mist Personalspearmint
joint painear mitesLanternsandalwood
migraineurine smellLucia Artisan thieves
hair growthanxietyOrb™thyme
mosquito repellentitchy skinRainstonevanilla
nauseajoint painlemongrass
sore throatupset stomachlemon
sinus infectionwormslime
pregnancy stretch markswarts
kidney stoneswith arthritis

Young Living Business Opportunity and Compensation Plan.

What Is Young Living Compensation Plan

Now you are wondering, how can you make money selling essential oils?

As alluded to above, YL sells its products through distributors who get discounts when buying retail products and also commissions depending on the volumes they sell per month.

Ways you can earn money or get benefits as a member;

  • Discounts – 24% when purchasing products.
  • Loyalty Program – you will get access to various rewards and at times free products.
  • Shipping Costs – enjoy substantially reduced shipping costs.
  • Promotions – get exclusive discounts during special promos.
  • Events – attend by invitation only Young Living Events.
  • Sales Commissions – if you refer other people to buy YL products, you earn a percentage of the selling price.

Starter Packages.

  • 50PV Virtual Enrollment Kit
  • Feather the Owl Enrollment Bundle
  • NingXia Red Enrollment Kit
  • Premium Starter Kit CBD
  • Premium Starter Kit with Dewdrop
  • Thieves Enrollment Kit
  • Thieves Hygiene Enrollment Kit

Compensation Plan.

The program has 3 levels;

1. Foundation – this is the ‘get started level’ soon after joining as a distributor. You are mainly making money by selling essential oil products. It is comprised of 4 levels. You progress according to the volumes that yourself and the entire team sold.

Recruiting will earn you some bonuses;

  • Fast Start Bonus – earn 25% from purchases by new members that you recruited’s members. The maximum you can earn per member is $200. (l am not sure why this is capped).
  •  Auto Shipping Bonus – you will earn $15 if the person you recruited joins the monthly auto-ship program.
  • Starter Kit Bonus – if the person you recruited purchased a premium starter kit.
  • Discount – get a 24% discount on products you sell directly to consumers.

2. Builder – once you have reached a certain volume of sales per month, you can start building your downline. These are people you recruit to sell YL products. It comprises of 3 levels. Gold, silver, and platinum.

Progression depends on the performance of your team over and above your own minimum monthly order. You will earn a bonus of 6.25% on commissionable sales by your team. This is not paid as cash, but shares. These are called generational bonuses.

3. Leader – as you build your team or downline, you eventually become a leader. Depending on the number of leaders that you have brought into Young Living, you will earn bonus shares. It has 3 stages; diamond, crown diamond, and Royal Crown Diamond.

So, how much money can you make money with Young Living essential oils?

It is not a get rich quick scheme, you must work hard 24/7 in order to earn a decent income. Remember, almost 90% of distributors earn an average of $3 per year.

Do not take my word for it, you can visit Young Living essential oils Income Disclosure Statement.

Now you know what is Young Living essential oils about?

It is important to note that at times people just join as distributors yet they are discount seeking customers.

Heaven knows the truth.

Less than 0.3% of members earn a decent income per year. You can read the success stories of the all-in-one platform that taught me about creating affiliate marketing websites.

Is YL Any Good?

Young living bad, negative, scam review

  • Decent training on how to sell products and build teams.
  • Generous commissions – 24% is quite generous when compared to low commissions (1-5%) offered by popular online retail shops.
  • Lots of products to promote in its inventory.
  • Earnings are not just based on the recruitment of new members.

The Bad.

  • You are not creating a ”real” business online, that is creating your own website. You are a glorified sales representative who will leave empty-handed if you are chucked out or the company shuts its doors.
  • Resources for promoting products and recruiting are a bit outdated, distributing CDs in 2020.
  • It operates on the ”you are the customer first principle”, you are forced to buy a minimum of products per month for you to qualify for commissions.
  • The 90% failure rate is worrisome and an average of $3 per year is not worth the effort.
  • Most MLM companies’ products are expensive as they need to give members bonuses to motivate them to recruit new members.

Is young living essential oils MLM a Scam, Pyramid Scheme or Legit?

The company uses a Multi-level compensation plan as we have seen. Although the products are mainly sold through Network Marketing. MLMs are not scams as long as they adhere to the rules and regulations of authorities.

So, is it a Pyramid Scheme? It’s definitely NOT, it is backed by a lot of solid products in its inventory. Commissions are not only from the recruitment of new members.

There is however a thin line between MLMs and Pyramid Schemes. We have witnessed MLMs being shutdown because retails sales to ”real customers” were less than sales to members. The very reason why according to the Young Living lawsuit, it is being sued by some members for being a recruitment based business.

How the lawsuit will pan out, no-one knows but, we have seen quite a number of MLMs that were closed after being dragged to courts facing similar charges.

While there are promises that you are building your own business, the reality is— you are a mere customer and sales representative of the company. If you stop buying products or recruit new members, you are out of ”business”.

Here is a chance to create your own website or business online for free. Even if the company you are promoting is sued and closes doors, you remain with your websites. You just look for other products to promote and swap affiliate links…. you are done.

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