What Is Stella and Dot About – Scam or Not

what is stella and dot about

What Is Stella and Dot About?

It is a company created in 2007 by Jessica Herrin and Blythe Harris. The products are sold online and also through a network of independent distributors. It boasts of inventory that includes jewelry, bags, women’s clothing, and beauty products.

The company adopted a Multi-level marketing business model in compensating its distributors with several levels. Now you know what Stella and Dot is about.

The products are promoted mainly on social networks such as Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest. Distributors also hold parties and distribute flies to promote products.

The company is popular in Canada, the UK, and USA. l have also reviewed programs similar to Stella & Dot.

Jewelry And Other Products.

1. Necklaces

2. Earrings



5. Bags

6. Makeup

7. Bracelets

Is It Any Good?

– The company has a lot of products to promote in its inventory.

– The affiliate cookie period lasts for 30 days which way better than the 24 hours offered by Amazon.

– Fairly high percentages of affiliate commissions and offers recurring income.

– It allows you to create your own website and then promote the company’s products. This means you are selling products to people actively searching for them instead of bothering your loved ones.

Stella & Dot Complaints.

stella and dot complaints

Low-quality products – there are several complaints about necklace breaking and bracelets getting tarnished after a few days from the date of purchase.

Expensive – this is one of the challenges with MLM based companies, they overprice products to cater for bonuses and discounts awarded to members.

Refunds – there are no refunds for products on discounted products or those on specials promotions.

Customer service – there are several complaints of poor or non-responsive customer service when seeking exchanges, refunds, or following up on undelivered orders.

Sizing – most products are either too small or oversize even if you order your usual size.

Returns – it is difficult to get return labels before the expiry of the stipulated return period.

Warranty – the company does not honor its warranty and neither do the owners stand behind their products.

Marketing – the company encourages distributors to hold parties and distribute fliers, methods that are becoming redundant even before the Covid pandemic.

Not Your Business – don’t be lied to, Stella & Dot is OWNED by Jessica and Harris, you are a mere sales rep who can be chucked out of the company any second with nothing to show for it.

MLM Model – Stella & Dot is an MLM company whose business model has many flaws included easily becoming a pyramid scheme if more than 51% of sales are to its own members.

Forced Purchases – to maintain your level in the company, you need to ”sell” products of a prescribed value per month. This forces distributors to purchase products they don’t need to maintain their status.

How much money can you earn from Stella and Dot jewelry sales?

Stella Dot Affiliate Program.

The company has an independent affiliate program that allows you to promote jewelry and accessories on your blog or website. Affiliate links can be promoted on social media. You earn commissions if visitors purchase products by clicking on links on your website.

This is one of the smart ways of promoting Stella & Dot products 24/7 without bothering your loved ones or holding expensive parties. Besides you can learn about how to carry out affiliate marketing by creating a blog or website for free. (LINK).

The commissions;

  • 12% on sales to new customers.
  • 5% recurring commission on sales to repeat customers.
  • $100 per each Independent Ambassador that you refer to the company.

The program has a 30-day cookie which means if someone clicks on your affiliate link. Then visits the Stella & Dot website to purchase qualifying products, within 30 days you earn a commission as the originator of the sale. This is great when compared to Amazon’s 24 hour cookie period.

Blogging is my favorite way of promoting products to potential customers actively searching for specific products. Instead of pitching them to people not remotely interested in what you are selling.

Independent Ambassador –  Supports affiliate marketers assigned to them and earns commissions from affiliate sales. They are not allowed to become affiliates.

Stylists – you can buy products at discounted prices and earn 35% on personal sales. You can also earn commissions from sales made by people that you will have introduced to the company. You will also get promotion codes to purchase products at a cheaper price.

Is Stella & Dot An MLM?

While the company has an affiliate program, it also promotes its products through Multi-level Marketing or a network of independent distributors. There are many levels and starter kits with different products and price points. At times, the company has promotions and you get discounted prices for the starter kits.

Stella and Dot Starter Kits.

Essentials Kit ($350)
More To Love Kit ($499)
Ultimate Kit ($699)

  1. Hair Stylist – this is the entry point of most members. ”Turn your passion for fashion into a paycheck”.
  2. Lead Stylist – after training, you can move on to being a lead stylist.
  3. Associate Stylist
  4. Star stylist.
  5. Associate director.
  6. Director.
  7. Senior Director.
  8. Star Director.
  9. Executive Director.

Stella and Dot income disclosure statement indicate that more than 95% of distributors earn $1 200 per year.

Marketing Tools.

Stella & Dot Smartphone App – can be downloaded on a smartphone and help you to market your business.

Online – blogging and via social media – you can create a website or blog in a related niche, then promote the company’s products.

In-person – house or trunk parties. Unfortunately, these have been affected by the Corona Virus pandemic.

Workbooks and Guides – for launching and hosting your own parties.

Replicated Website – a subdomain of the company’s website created using your user name.

Is Stella & Dot A Scam or Legit?

While the company is legit and has a legal affiliate marketing program. It is the MLM side of the business that is cause for concern. The success rate is below 10% with 90% of the members actually losing money. When more than 51% of sales are to members, the MLM becomes illegal.

There are many complaints about product quality, high prices, sizing, and return policy. This has caused some customers to feel that they have been scammed or taken advantage of. Worse still some of the distributors and the Stella & Dot support do not stand behind their products. With emails and phones going unanswered.

What is your opinion or experience with Stella & Dot products or the opportunity to earn extra money?

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