What is Poofy Organics About?

What is Poofy Organics About?

What is Poofy Organics About?

This is an amazing story of a family that literally turned lemons into lemonade. In a nutshell, that’s what is Poofy Organics is about? The company was formed in 2006 after a family member was diagnosed with cancer. The family’s quest to find natural and organic-based remedies led to the formation of this company.

In other words, the company produces eco-friendly products without artificial and harmful ingredients. Given the global warming crisis, this is a plausible idea. The products are also packaged in mostly bio-degradable material. The company is also a proud holder of the coveted USDA organic certification.

Due to the need to fully educate customers about the products, the company uses trained consultants and guides to distribute the products. Poofy Organic consultants or ‘guides’ as the family calls them, earn commissions in return. The company also owns a shop outlet in Rutherford, New Jersey.

In this review of Poof Organics, l will look at the founders, list organic products, and how they are distributed using a Multi-level marketing model. l will also have a look at the compensation plan.

Wrapping it up, l will look at whether, Poofy Organics is an MLM, Pyramid Scheme, or legit business.

Please note that in-depth reviews of Poofy Organics products is beyond the scope of this article.

Poof Organics Products.

Poof Organics Products

Picture showing organic, environmental, and eco-friendly products.

The platform boasts of more than 400 products in its inventory. The products are in 11 categories.

Bath and body products.

Soap bars


Body spray and perfumes


Essential oils and blends

Facial care



Lip Balm and oral care


Some of the most popular products according to search volume, include;

Poofy organics;

ToothpasteDeodorantSunscreenBath bombs
Face moisturizerTanning oilHand sanitizer Dish soap
Face cleanserNail polishBaby lotion Diaper cream
Eczema lotionShampoo Argan oilDandruff shampoo
Essential oilsBrowning lotionBubble bath Lip gloss

Poofy Organics Consultant & Compensation Plan.

Poofy Organics Consultant, Compensation plan

If you are an addict of organic, natural, or eco-friendly products, this is or you. You can earn between 25-50% commissions for distributing products that you believe in and you are passionate about.

You must be a fan of organic products because the goal of the business unlike other MLM companies is NOT on the recruitment of new members. The thrust is in having well-trained consultants or guides who can explain fully how the products work to potential customers.

One of the recommended ways to promote these natural made products is to Host a Poofy Organics party. This comes with free products and discounts (20-50%) depending on the number of products one has purchased for the party. This would allow invited guests to try out the products without commitment.

Unfortunately, due to Covid-19 induced lockdown restrictions, parties will have to wait for a while depending on each country’s regulations.

The Good.

  • The company sells real products which are environmentally friendly.
  • Poofy organics compensation plan is geared towards promoting products, not recruitment.
  • Consultants or guides are well trained about the products before they can get approval.
  • Commissions are of 20% and above are quite reasonable as compared to Amazon’s 1-3% international commissions.
  • Most of the products are hand made in low quantities which improves consistency and maintains quality.
  • Free shipping for products above $55 in the United States of America.
  • No sales of products on Amazon, which can substantially increase in competition for consultants.
  • Products are not tested on animals.
  • The company offers free training to consultants or guides about the products.

The Bad

  • No refund or exchange for cleanses.
  • Products distributed through MLM can be expensive as commissions for Consultants are passed on to the consumer.
  • Delivery time depends largely on USPS and you can not choose an alternative.
  • Since the products are hand made, the process is not automated which can delay deliveries during the festive season.
  • It can be difficult to keep inventory as other products have expiry dates.

Is Poofy Organics an MLM, Pyramid Scheme, or Scam?

While the company uses Network marketing and consultants (guides) to sell the products there is no indication from the compensation plan that it is an MLM. It seems as if consultants only get awarded through refunds, discounts, and coupons. This is more of affiliate marketing than Multi-level marketing. l did not see any rewards paid solely based on the recruitment of new members.

As already explained, the business model consultants are not paid solely from funds paid by new recruits. This means the company is far from being a pyramid scheme. From comments and forums that l have visited, there are no complaints about people who were scammed. The only complains are about delays in shipment.

Due to the Covid-19, induced restrictions and being introverted l prefer creating websites and let them do the selling. This the free affiliate marketing, tools, and support that taught me how to create affiliate marketing websites.

Now you know what is Poofy Organics about?

Please share your opinions, experience, or suggestions in the commentary box below.

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