What Is MLM Gateway about?

What Is MLM Gateway About?

Maybe, you have heard about MLM Gateway from a friend or fellow network marketer. Now you are wondering, what is MLM Gateway about. Basically, it is a website where one can get connected to potential, free Network and Multi-level marketing (MLML) leads?

In other words, it is an MLM leads gateway. This review of MLM Gateway will look at what MLM Gateway is really about. How it works. The affiliate and referral program. It’s pros and cons.  l will wrap up by discussing whether MLM Gateway is a scam, pyramid scheme, or legit?

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How To Use MLM Gateway.

It is free to join. You only need to enter your name and a functional email address. Once you click on the confirmation link sent to your email, you are good to go.

The dashboard easy to navigate. Below is the screenshot of the MLM Gateway dashboard. It is important to note that most of the functions below will require you to have ”credits”. Read on, l will explain how you can get the credits. This is mainly what is MLM Gateway about!

l will explain what each tab stands for;

how to use mlm gateway

1. Leads
– This is where you will find people who have said they are interested in joining your business opportunity. Click on the green button and send the members a message explaining what the business is about. Include your link for them to join under you.

2. Member List – This is one of the exciting features inside this platform. If you click on this icon, you can get access to a comprehensive list of ALL members. You can sort the list according to; Member’s country of residence and even drill down to specific cities. This is useful if your business opportunity is not global and you want to send messages to people in specific countries or regions.

3. Messages – Get access to all messages sent to you and reply to your messages.

4. Business announcements – Most Network and MLM companies do not allow members to create websites and write articles about the business opportunity. This is partly because of the fear of being penalised by regulating authorities. So, this the business announcements are brief articles about your opportunity which you can post on this thread. The articles get ranked in Google if they are well Search Engine Optimised. It is also a platform to share MLM or network marketing tips for beginners.

5. Advertising – If you have credits in your account, you can use them to advertise your opportunity. These can be banner or text Ads with links to your opportunity. You can set how many credits are you are willing to pay per click on your advert. If you are paying more than others, you will get more exposure. MLM Gateway will send you messages informing you about people interested in your opportunity. Just reply to the messages and pitch your offer. This is how to build a network marketing business quickly using this platform.

6. Connections – These are members who will have contacted or you have enquired about their offer. You can share network marketing tips for guaranteed success with your connections or aks them for pointers.

7. Referral Program  – Earn credits by referring new members to MLM Gateway.  You can also earn commissions if the members that you refer purchase advertisement packages. The cash out is a minimum of $100. This can be via a direct wire into your bank account. You just need to connect your bank account to the payment Gateway.

MLM Gateway Affiliate or Referral Program.

Mlm Gateway Afilliate or Referral Program.PNG

The platform has an opportunity to earn credits that you can be used to advertise business opportunities. The credits can be spent on contacting other members by sending messages.

How to earn credits;

  • By joining MLM Gateway for free, you earn 5 credits.
  • You can earn credits by referring new people to join the platform (10 credits per referral).
  • You can also earn credits by posting articles or business announcements promoting your opportunity (5 credits).
  • Earn 50% when your referrals purchase advertisement packages or upgrade their membership.
  • Receive cash bonuses if and up to $3 000 cash if you win the periodical referral contest.
  • Opportunity to get lease payments for a car of your dreams.
  • Get featured as a member of the day at the top of the website for 24 hours.

The Commissions levels depend on the value of monthly advertising credits purchased by your referrals.

$0 – $1.000             35%
$1.000 – $2.000      40%
$2.000 – $5.000      45%
$5.000+                  50%

You can learn more about the Leadership levels and badges once inside the platform. Your level will determine the number of free credits per month,  number of sponsored emails that can be sent to members.


What Are The Marketing Tools Offered?

Below are some are the tools offered inside the platform to use in promoting MLM Gateway.

network marketing automated recruiting system

1. Campaigns – create different promotions inside the platform. Get banners and promotional materials.

2. Ad Channels – create and track all your advertising efforts. Check which advertisements are working better. Rinse and repeat.

3. Afflink Protector – Avoid link jacking by masking your promotional links using the link protector.

4. Reports – View reports on your referrals, how much you have earned, and how much your team is generating.

If you upgrade your membership for $24.95/month;

5. Get access to training by experienced members of the community.

6. Create landing and opt-in pages to collect leads for your business.

7. 50 Credits will be added to your account every month.

Does MLM Gateway Really Work?

Does MLM Gateway Really Work?

From my experience, there are pros and cons of using this platform. l will list what you can do inside the MLM and Network marketing promotion website. How you can gain traction and drive traffic to your business opportunity.

l will also give you an inside scoop of the flip side of the coin. In conclusion, l will give you a pro tip of which


  • Free pre-qualified MLM and Network Marketing leads.
  • Promote your MLM, Network marketing, or Affiliate Marketing opportunities without restriction.
  • Drive traffic to your website.
  • Write and post business announcements promoting your opportunity.
  • Advertise inside the community by posting banner Ads.
  • Get in-touch and invite potential recruits to join your downline.
  • Use free credits to advertise your business opportunity.
  • Upgrade membership and run advertisements inside the platform.


  • Most people joining the platform are searching for leads to join their opportunity – there is no-one to recruit.
  • Using third-party tools such as Similar Web, the website is only receiving around 50K visitors/month. To put it into perspective, this is less than traffic to my first website which l sold for $38 470.00.
  • The commissions are very low given that it costs $24.95/month if you upgrade to Premium Membership.
  • There is are NO restrictions on what you can promote – scammy programs pop up inside the platform.
  • Business announcements are now taking ages to get approved.

PRO TIP: The community is joined by people searching for new recruits to join their ”business” opportunities. In affiliate jargon, they are looking for TRAFFIC to drive to their offer. The best offer to promote must be on how to generate traffic and leads. 

Is MLM Gateway a Scam, Pyramid Scheme, or Legit?

Is it a Scam – Unlike other affiliates who just write ”Googled reviews”, whenever l can l join and the program. This allows me to share first-hand information. Having joined the free lead generation community, l have promoted it and my earnings were wired into my bank account in full and on time. The only downside is, any opportunity goes inside the platform which may taint the name of the lead generation platform if people are scammed.

Pyramid Scheme – The platform has a list of real products including advertising packages. Unlike a pyramid scheme, whereby affiliates are paid solely from payments by new recruits, this business opportunity is different. You can access most of the functions without even upgrading your membership.

Legit – lf you know how MLM and Network companies operate, it is difficult to say whether one is legit or not. According to the legal requirements, 51% of sales or money generated by the company must be from ”real sales” of products. Only 49% of income must be generated fro payments by members or new recruits. Now, without access to such data, it is difficult to tell if a company has crossed the Redline.

Now you know what MLM Gateway is about.

Share your opinion, experience, and ask any questions in the commentary box below? l have initiated the conversation!


MLM Gateway review – is it worth joining?

The program is 100% free to join, so why not take a plunge and find out. l have already shared my own experience and showed you the inside scoop. Your success depends on how relevant is your offer to the community members. Besides the earnings, l found a place to find new MLM and Network companies to review on my website.

Can you really make money with MLM Gateway?

Yes, made $130 so far. It was wired into my bank account in full and on time. So you can make ”some” money, mostly as a side hustle. l wouldn’t recommend this business opportunity as your main program. Although there are people on the leader board who are crushing it and earning +1000/month. Some are even getting their car lease agreements being paid for.

What is MLM Gateway Alternatives?

It is very difficult to find any websites or forums dedicated to lead generation for MLM and Network marketing companies. This is mainly because of bad bashing these kind of business models get around the web. This is mainly because at the beginning most of the collapsed MLMs or Network Marketing companies insisted on members recruiting close friends and relatives.  One of the closest alternatives, is a platform which sends you 100 free leads to any opportunity of your choice.

How much does MLM Gateway cost?

It costs $24.95/month and you get 50 credits every month to advertise your business. You also qualify for the coveted member of the month award and your profile will be displayed at a prominent position inside the platform.

Now you know what is MLM Gateway about.

This is how it works…. mlm gateway business announcements


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