What is Alice’s Table About – Review.

What is Alice’s Table About - Review

What is Alice’s Table About – Review.

This flower retailing and arrangement training company was formed by Alice Rossiter in September 2015. It teaches women, how to host flower arrangement parties, training and sell fresh flowers. Agents or affiliates of the flower arrangement company earn commissions on ticket sales. In a nutshell that is what is Alice’s table about.

This is one of the networking companies for women.

The company also owns some shares in recreational facilities such as Alice’s Table Jay Peak and Busan. They offer cage riding, bed, and breakfast, among other facilities. It is certainly a great place to visit for a family excursion.

Alice’s Table After Shark Tank Update.

Alice was featured on Shark Tank and she lived up to expectations. She managed to teach the hosts how to arrange flowers in a very short space of time. The hosts, which included a man completed Alice’s Table Shark Tank challenge with success.

The company managed to get support from Mark Cuban and Sara Blakely. The two Shark Tank hosts offered $125,000 for 5 percent of A’T shares. This greatly improved the company’s networth. As you know, it is not easy to win the hearts of these hard to please Shark Tankers. It may mean there’s something that Alice is doing right.

Ticket sales to training events were overbooked soon after the appearance. Below is an update from Alice’s interview with the Business Journal.

“It’s just been incredible the number of people that have applied to the executive program,” Rossiter said in an interview with the Business Journal. “The entire team has a call every 30 minutes from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. I think we’re booked solid through next week, including Saturdays.”

Alice’s Table Event Exec Reviews.

Alice's Table Event Exec Reviews.

To become a flower arrangement Executive, you need to go through training and get certified. The starter pack that you buy includes vases, clippers, and other flower arranging materials. You can now train other women in your locality on how to arrange flowers according to specific events.

Execs also assist new agents or affiliates to host a birthday, get together, or seasonal parties. In the process, they will earn commissions. That is all l could learn from other Alice’s table flowers reviews.

Due to the COVID-19 induced challenges, the company is now holding virtual events. This allows participants to attend without having to leave their houses. They then order flowers online which are delivered to their doorsteps.

Alice’s Table flower arranging events;

  • Falling in Love with Florals.
  • Autumn Breeze and Harvest Wreaths.
  • Fabulous Fall Wreath Workshop.
  • Summertime Blooms.
  • Fall Floral Workshop.
  • Falling Leaves and Harvest Wreaths.

Alice’s Table Compensation Plan.

Alice's Table compensation plan

As Executives, you buy a flower arranging starter kit for $805. You then invite people to events and offer them training. You then sell tickets to women who want to attend.

It is not easy to find how much you will get if you join this company and become an executive. This is because some products and services are paid via Eventbrite. Other affiliate commissions are paid using Share-A-Sale, an affiliate networking company that connects affiliates and merchants.

Tickets to events cost between $60 – $85 (excluding Eventbrite booking fees). They are booked on Eventbrite. You can check out the list of past and upcoming events by visiting the Alice’s Table Events link on Eventbrite.

Alice and her company deduct a 30 percent cut from the total value of the ticket.

Affiliate commissions can also be earned by referring people to attend events at $1 per referral. For every successful attendee, you get a $5 commission.

Refund Policy

You can get in touch with the Executive or event organizer to request for a ticket refund. Please note that the Eventbrite fees are NOT refundable. For instance, if you paid $89.68 you will get $85 after the deduction of $4.68 by Eventbright.

Alice’s Table Video Summary.

What is good about A’T?

  • Provides flower arrangement training, marketing, and event management for newbies.
  • Just like in affiliate marketing, the company handles payment processing, delivery, and queries.
  • The co-ordinator is assigned to new members to assist and offer support all, the way.
  • You are provided with all the tools that you need to launch your business including promotional material such as pamphlets.
  • Flexible working hours although the company clearly states that one must ”work very hard” to fulfill their own dreams.
  • Event management back office.
  • Option to pay for the starter kit in 4 installments of $201.25 each.
  • It is an evergreen niche as there is need for flowers throughout the year and for seasonal events.
  • 30–day cookie:

The Bad.

  •  The fees to get started ($805) are a bit steep if you are getting started. (l can pay for affiliate marketing training, web-hosting for 10 websites, and support for 2 years for the same amount).
  • Success depends on the team that you join – this weakness is inherent in most MLMs.
  • The flowers can be pricey as the company has to add on 20 to 25% on the price to take care of executives, co-ordinators and agent’s commissions.(Always ask yourself if there was NO incentive, would you ordinarily buy flowers for that price).
  • A few affiliates get back their contribution when they hold their 2-3 parties. (It depends on the number of people who attend and capacity to buy flowers.)
  • Replicated websites – these can be great if your customer can not visit the main website and make purchases thereby prejudicing affiliates.
  • You don’t own a business – unlike creating your own real business online, with AT you don’t own the flower business. You remain a glorified sales rep and can be booted out any time.
  • The company arranges time themed events throughout the year. These can be booked from the company’s official website.
  • AT is also venturing into team-building training.

The company also offers real careers besides the flower arrangement business in marketing, event coordination, and various fields.

Is Alice’s Table an MLM, a Pyramid Scheme or Scam?

Is Alice's Table an MLM, a Pyramid Scheme or Scam?

In my opinion, the company is more of a Network Marketing Company than an MLM. Affiliates or agents, share their flower arrangement expertise with their associates. They in turn purchase the flowers. Earnings are mainly through commissions rather than from money paid by new recruits.

The company is not a pyramid scheme as it sells real products to the public through agents and affiliates. Most pyramid schemes only pay members high up the ladder using funds from new recruits. These are illegal and operate like Ponzi Schemes.

So, is Alice’s Table a Scam? From reviews around the web on reputable websites such as Trust Pilot, Reddit and Federal FTC …. there are a few complaints. Most of which have been resolved and no-one has ever claimed that the company is in any scammy behavior.

The company promises that one will get back their investment of $800 when they hold their first flower party. The company has expanded its wings to Alice’s Table Boston, Chicago, Canada, and various parts of the world. It is also in Denver, San Francisco, Virginia Beach, Vermont and other several United States towns.

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Now you know what Alice’s table is about. Please share your experience or opinion in the commentary box below.

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