Wealthy Affiliate Success Stories – Proof Of Earnings

Wealthy affiliate success stories - proof of earnings

Wealthy Affiliate Success Stories – Proof Of Earnings

The University created a platform that provides affiliate marketing training, important tools, and live support ALL in one place. Certainly, there are lots of Wealthy Affiliate success stories shared inside the community and on some affiliates’ own websites.

This post will illustrate how much money can you make with Wealthy Affiliate. The testimonials range from new affiliates who have earned their first $1 online. There are also millionaires owning mega websites creating and selling websites to the public.

However, l have read stories of people who left because they had outgrown the training. This is true because WA barely scratches the surface when it comes to;

  • Link building training – at worst, it is frown upon.
  • Creating sales funnels – there is no official training on this.
  • Email marketing – it was only until recently that there some webinars covered the topic in detail.
  • No email swipes – if you expect email swipes written by copywriters you will be disappointed.
  • No access to C/Panel – there are fears that newbies will mess up things and therefore access is only via FTP clients.

You can also read my detailed unbiased and honest Wealthy Affiliate review.

Why People Fail At Affiliate Marketing.

Wealthy affiliate failure rate

There are failures too, but unfortunately just like when you play lotto, only the winners are announced. This is partly because those who fail just close their accounts and quit without sharing their stories.

The reasons l am sharing are not generic but specific to Wealthy Affiliate.

  • Diverting from the main training – most newbies will spend valuable time reading hundreds of blogs on random tops.
  • Live Chat addiction – there are always affiliates chatting for long hours about nothing – about the weather, dogs, cats, and so forth.
  • Being Unrealistic – l have read blogs by affiliates complaining about not making sales after posting less than 10 articles on their websites. If affiliate marketing was that easy; everyone would do it!
  • Choosing the wrong niches – l partially blame the training inside the University because you can not make money in ANY niche. Some niches super competitive and are not for newbies.
  • Upgrading to Premium Membership –  quickly upgrading one’s membership before even completing the Free Membership training is a recipe for disaster. Have you posted more than 20 well research articles to your free website before upgrading?
  • Asking questions – Asking questions is encouraged, But most beginners ask way too many questions before going through the entire training.
  • Not verifying answers – answers inside the university are not moderated, most newbies implement any suggestions without exercising due diligence.

Does Wealthy Affiliate Really Work?

Most online marketers certainly some success stories, proof of earnings, or income on their websites. The purpose of social proof is to demonstrate that their training or products produce results.

It is a great way to convince website visitors to join their affiliate programs over and above others. Unfortunately, most of the results can not be verified and a few unscrupulous marketers even post falsified results.

Fortunately, Wealthy Affiliate testimonials are shared within the community. There is no need to post any false testimonies since everyone inside is already a member. A few success stories are available to the public while others are locked and can only be viewed by Premium members.

Let me share a few success stories.

Successful Wealthy Affiliate Websites.

The challenge is most, WA affiliates create websites in various niches most of which will never get to know about. Only a few affiliates who find it difficult to choose a niche, end up defaulting to the Wealthy Affiliate Bootcamp which specifically teaches methods of promoting Wealthy Affiliate.

In this article l will concentrate on examples of Wealthy Affiliate websites that are in other niches other than the make money online niche.

1. Human Proof Designs (HPD)

does wealthy affiliate really work

One of the extreme Wealthy Affiliate success stories. Human Proof Designs website was previously owned by Dom Wells, a former English teacher in Taiwan. It was later sold it to Bryon Brewer.

The HPD team created done for you Amazon Affiliate websites and sold them to people who did not want to start from scratch. Websites were sold starting from $450+ depending on the age of the website. Some of them were already earning commissions during the time of sale.

Later on, the website diversified its income to include training on how to grow the ready-made affiliate sites. Article writing and link building services were also added to the portfolio.

According to Dom Wells,

In 2017, we did $1.1 million USD in sales, which was the first time we crossed the seven-figure threshold. In 2018 we’re looking to hit $1.3 million”.

Please note that;

  • This is the website’s gross income.
  • How much the website was sold for is not in the public domain.
  • Human Proof Design’s success can not be a result of WA training only although that is where his journey began.

Dom Well is still a member of the WA. His earnings make it extremely difficult if not impossible to estimate Wealthy Affiliates’ average income or success rates.

2. Wealthy Affiliate Testimonial – Stephanie.

average income on wealthy affiliate

Stephanie joined Wealthy Affiliate in 2017, created a website in the women’s beauty niche. She posted 60 articles, in 13 months and later sold it for $28 000.00 to a competitor. This is how much money can you make with Wealthy Affiliate if you put in the work.

You can read Stephanie’s story on her profile inside WA. Her user name is ”Sporkypie’s”.

3. Does wealthy affiliate really work?

wealthy affiliate top earners

Jeremy sold his two websites on Filippa, one for $2 000 and the other one for $7 000 after landing a new job which kept him busy. The websites were earning between $250 – $1 200/month combined.

Jeremy shared his story inside WA and how he has always asked himself; ”Does wealthy affiliate really work”.

4. Wealthy Affiliate How Much Money Can You Make?

What about the owner of Is Website Legit?. l nearly forgot to share my own results.

how much money can you make with wealthy affiliate

This is my second website after selling my first website in 2016 for $38 479.00. It was monetized using Make Money Online and Amazon affiliate commissions. Some other posts had Google Adsense Ads. l took the website from $0 to $1 000+ per month, posted 90 articles, and was sold by Empire Flippers.

How much you can earn with Wealthy Affiliate is up to you. Follow the training, put in the work and you can reap the rewards.

There were many ways that l could have adopted in order to increase my earnings.

  • Creating more content – the website had 90 articles. That is 3 months’ work at a rate of 1 article per day. Imagine if l had doubled the number of articles?
  • High paying affiliate programs – certain programs that pay higher commissions than Amazon or Wealthy Affiliate.
  • Joining other Pay Per Click Networks – there are other better-paying networks than Google Adsense such as Monumetric, Ezoic, and Mediavine among others.

You can read more about it on my Wealthy Affiliate blog. User name, Onlinegeek. Unfortunately, l can not reveal the website name as agreed with the buyer.

5. How To succeed With Wealthy Affiliate.

The University provides you with affiliate marketing training, tools, and support. How much you will earn is entirely up to you. At times you need to think out of the box. You can even create your own product as Jerry did.

wealthy affiliate success rate

Jerry made $100 000 in one week. This guy created an affiliate marketing course in Mandarin. He just literally created another Wealthy Affiliate in his own language.

You certainly need to think out of the box. The University provides the platform to learn about making money online. Provides the tools and support, how you put it to use, it is up to you.

Jerry is still with the University and you can read about how he made $100 000 in one week on his blog.

Wealthy Affiliate Top Earners & Income Proof.

wealthy affiliate las vegas

Now that we have looked at a few examples of successful Wealthy Affiliate websites, what about the top earners? Is there any income proof?

Unfortunately, WA unlike Multi-level marketing companies, it does not rank affiliates according to earnings. There are no leader boards and the goal is not to train people solely on how to promote WA. Some of the affiliates’ websites are not even hosted with Wealthy Affiliate.

The owners of WA, Carson, and Kyle actually recommend that you promote every other program that you review as long as it is not a scam. They recommend that you must NOT leave money on the table.

Who Qualified To Go To Las Vegas?

The only way to infer about the Wealthy Affiliate top earners is by knowing the number of affiliates who managed to make it to Las Vegas in a particular year.

Once one qualifies for the ”all expenses paid” invitation to the 3 day Las Vegas Conference, then you know they managed to make 300 sales. Only people that you bring to WA and upgrade their membership qualify as a sale.

Wealthy Affiliate, affiliate program pays 50% recurring commissions on monthly payments of $49. That is if they do not take advantage of the discounted annual membership offer of $495.00.

So; 12 X $23.50 X 300 = $84 600.

This implies that one will have earned at least $84 600 during that particular year. The number of affiliates differs each year and one of the years there were more than 30 participants. Remember only a few affiliates promote WA on a full-time base.

Most affiliates own several websites in various niches. This is because WA premium membership allows you to host 10 websites. Some affiliates even host websites for their clients and charge a premium for the less than $5 per month hosting.


Does wealthy affiliate make you money?

l am sorry, Wealthy Affiliate will not make you any money. You will get access to affiliate marketing training, tools, and support which you can utilize to create income online.

The training will teach you how to choose a niche, create a website, write content, and attract visitors to your website. How much you will make from your website depends on your individual effort.

How long does it take to make money with Wealthy Affiliate?

How long does it take to make money with Wealthy Affiliate?

Admittedly, this is one of the most common questions inside Wealthy Affiliate. My advice is, do NOT join WA when because you have urgent bills to pay. You will be disappointed. It is not a push-button method of earning quick bucks online – you need to put in the work, be consistent and patient.

Now back to the question, it all depends on the route that you take;

If you choose to jump in and start learning about social marketing and advertising, then you are likely to make money within weeks after joining the community. You can also share your affiliate links on social platforms and land your first sale in 2 days. That is how to get a sale on the first day with Wealthy Affiliate if you are lucky.

On the other hand, if you choose to create a website, write content, and rank in Google. This can take you 3 – 6 months before you really get traction and probably land your first sale. It also depends on the niche that you choose, some are super competitive such as finance and gambling niches. l have a soft spot for the make money online niche.

Some chose wrong niches, failed to follow the laid down guidelines and they failed. They quit Wealthy Affiliate without earning a dime.

Scammers take advantage of this to fleece gullible people. They tell you can make X amount in Y days without lifting a finger.

You can read the discussion on, ”How long does it take to make money with Wealthy Affiliate?” inside the Community.

Those are the Wealthy Affiliate results, testimonials, and income proof which l managed to glean from inside the Community.

That’s all folks.

Share your opinion, suggestions, or experience in the commentary box below?

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