Wealthy Affiliate Honest and Unbiased Review

wealthy affiliate honest unbiased the truth

Wealthy Affiliate Honest and Unbiased Review.

You have probably read a couple of reviews on Wealthy Affiliate (WA). Now you are wondering if ever you will get an honest and unbiased review of Wealthy Affiliate University before you make your final decision.

The University is a great platform for learning affiliate marketing for beginners. l wouldn’t recommend it for intermediate or expert affiliate marketers. It barely scratches the surface when it comes to link building, email marketing, and creation of sales funnels. Realistically, no affiliate marketing training can be for ”All Levels”.

Of course…. the University is free to join, but time is valuable. It takes time to navigate through a new affiliate marketing website dashboard.

You need a review that answers all your questions and addresses all your fears before committing oneself.

l have been with Wealthy Affiliate since 2013. Created my first website, took it to $1000+ per month in 2 years. Sold my website end of 2016 for $38 479. Quit in 2017. Rejoined January 2020.


You have come to the right place. l have been around to know the good and what sucks!

l will show you what’s inside. Show you behind-the-scenes. The inside scoop!

In this uncensored review of Wealthy Affiliate University, l will lay bare everything there’s to know about the affiliate marketing community. Some of the information members are not even aware of.

l will also share tips and tricks which will save you from finding this platform a nightmare. To ice the cake, l will point you to salient pitfalls that most members blindly fall into.

Since this is a no-barred review, admittedly, it is quite a long piece (l didn’t leave anything to chance). With that in mind, l have included a clickable menu above which makes it easy to jump to the sections you are interested in.

If there is ANY single question that l haven’t answered in this review, let me know in the commentary box below…

Now let’s dive in…

Wealthy Affiliate Founders; Kyle and Carson.

Wealthy Affiliate Founders, Kyle and Carson

In a nutshell;

The company was formed by Canadian guys, Kyle Loudon and Carson Lim, in Sept 2005. Kyle studied programming at college and later ventured into internet marketing. On the other hand, Carson studied Computer Science that is how their paths crossed and they became founders of Wealthy Affiliate.

Kyle creates most of the video training inside the platform, while Carson takes care of the tech side of the business. Kyle is also active inside the Community, answering questions from members. This in turn keeps spammers away.

What is Wealthy Affiliate All About?


It is a platform or website that provides affiliate marketing training for beginners. (l will explain why it is NOT for seasoned affiliate marketers later). The University also provides affiliate marketing tools such as a WordPress web-builder, webs-hosting, and a keyword research tool on board.

A community of over half a million members offers support to each other inside the platform. Occasionally, Kyle and Carson chip in with answers inside the WA community. Additionally, community members use the personal blogging platform to post answers to address common questions. Wealthy Affiliates also share their own experiences, progress, and achievements.

The platform has a Free Membership and Premium or paid membership. l recommend that you familiarize yourself with the Free Membership before upgrading to the next level. Unfortunately, the free membership is not available in some countries. (More on that later).

The focus of WA is teaching affiliates how to create affiliate marketing websites or blogs. The website is your own business to which you can then drive traffic to using various methods. Methods including ranking the website on search engines, creating Youtube Videos, promoting it on Social Platforms, and sharing the link on forums.

Since it is your business, you can promote any products of your choice. You can not be booted from your website as what often happens on social platforms such as Facebook for no apparent reasons. Since it’s a business, you can dispose of it and earn a lumpsum as l did with my first website.

Is Wealthy Affiliate Worth It?

You need to read this article to the end… before you decide. Thank me later!


Is Wealthy Affiliate Worth It

Let me tell you my story;

My user name inside the University is Onlinegeek. If you use my first name you won’t find me inside the WA community. l used a happy emoji just for funny BUT, people fell in love with it (check the top right corner of the screenshot above).

So l left it as is.

My lovely husband also helps me a lot with the website.

Let’s cut the chase…

ln 2011, my husband got a job contract in Sweden and we moved as a family. Due to the language barrier, home chores, and the unforgiving weather… l decided to be a stay home mom.

With unlimited Internet at home, l joined Netflix. Watched endless videos on Youtube… was addicted to cat videos. I spend hours on Facebook… When we used to write a paragraph thanking anyone who accepted my friend request… LOL.


l got a life.

Started working as a Freelancer on Elance before it merged with Odesk to form Upwork. l was lucky enough to land a long term contract to carry out market research. Extract emails from websites selling organic products. l was paid a few cents per lead.

My eyes got sore. Fingers got blistered by scrolling the mouse. My 3 kids lacked attention.

l Quit…

Wrote a few articles for content aggregators mostly on Hubpages. Also tried my luck with Infobarrel. These are content farms were anyone can post blog articles. Adverts, from Amazon and Google, are posted on your articles. If visitors click on the adverts, you earn some commissions.

Earned a few dollars. Never reached the minimum withdrawal threshold of $20. Lost the money, BUT l didn’t lose the lesson; ”You can make money blogging and promoting other people’s staff”. That is the essence of Affiliate Marketing.

l also tried Multi-level marketing. Joined Empower Network. Got burnt. One of the owners went bonkers.

Searched for websites that offer affiliate marketing training for beginners. Stumbled upon Wealthy Affiliate. Took a plunge.

Created my first website (l can’t share the name as agreed with the seller). Took it from $0 to $1 000+/month in 2 years. My husband’s contract was ending in 2016. That is why l sold the website for $38 479. l shared the details on my Wealthy Affiliate blog.

So, if you ask me;

Is Wealthy Affiliate Worth It?’ l will say a big YES!

Of course, results differ depending on choosing the right niche, time commitment, and individual effort among various variables.

Your decision to join Wealthy Affiliate or not will depend on what l will discuss below. How it works, what it offers, and more importantly the cost.

How Does Wealthy Affiliate Work?

How Does Wealthy Affiliate Work

It teaches you how to choose a niche (a group of people with shared interests). Create a website. Write quality content to attract visitors to your website. Promote other people’s products. Earn commissions.

Of course, it’s NOT as easy as it sounds.

For now…

Let’s look at the steps in detail…

Step 1: Choose a Niche – This is a targeted group of people with shared interests. You can choose something you are passionate about.

What you are knowledgable about can be a good choice. Or just take advantage of new opportunities – the likely baby boom after the COVID 19 lockdowns.

l chose the ‘Make Money Online’ niche. My goal is to help people seeking ways to earn an income online to choose legit programs. Best of all, avoid scams.

In the end;

Choose a domain (website name) related to your niche. It must be short, memorable, and brandable.

l chose, ‘Is Website Legit‘.

You can also use websites such as Namemesh to brainstorm on the name of your website.

Step 2: Build A Website – This is stupid simple when using Wealthy Affiliate’s 1-minute WordPress Web-builder. Set up your website, add a logo and important pages. Carry out keyword research. Create helpful content that helps people in your Niche solve their problems.

Step 3: Get Rankings & Visitors – When people search for such information on search engines. Your website appears on the first page. Visitors click on the link to your website.

You were probably searching for;

Wealthy Affiliate Honest and Unbiased Review.

Is Wealthy Affiliate worth it?

That is how you found this article and visited this website. That is how it works.

Step 4: Earn Revenue – Visitors to your website read the helpful information. Click on affiliate links on your website to check on the products you recommended on a merchant’s website. If the click converts into a sale. You earn commissions.

That is how to earn money at Wealthy Affiliate, the other method will be discussed in detail below.

The whole process is called Affiliate Marketing using a website or blog. The method has been proven to work for years. A probable reason why a few reviewers are of the opinion that, Wealthy Affiliate Training is outdated.

You can read about Wealthy Affiliate success stories to evaluate its effectiveness. This ranges from millionaires to new affiliates selling websites for as little as $2 000.

What if you fail to find a suitable niche?

In comes the…

Wealthy Affiliate Bootcamp – Review.

wealthy affiliate bootcamp review

This an option for anyone who had a challenge in finding a suitable niche. That’s joining the Make Money Online (MMO) niche, as l did. You can write MMO program reviews and recommend any program of your choice including WA. That is Wealthy Affiliate’s referral program.

Unfortunately, most affiliates take it as an opportunity to label any other programs a scam then recommend Wealthy Affiliate. This has deleterious effects as it taints all programs including the one you are promoting. People will think that you are calling other program scams to promote a BIGGER scam.

On the other hand, other people promoting programs bashed by Wealthy Affiliates can also in turn write negative Wealthy Affiliate reviews. Unfortunately, in a war, there is NO winner!

The Make Money Online niche seems as if it is lucrative, BUT there is breakneck competition. My first website that l sold was in the MMO niche. So, l know what l am talking about.

Most newbies quit. They then think they have been scammed.

l have a soft spot for this niche, that’s why l decided to create my second website in this niche. If you decide to join the Community using a link on this website, l will send you a jaw-dropping email on how to get started in this niche the right way.

Let us look at what each membership level offers. How much you can earn promoting WA per level. This topic is often avoided like scourage by most WA reviews.

As l promised, l want this to be one of the honest Wealthy Affiliate Review. l am not going bash it to promote another ”Push-button opportunity”, neither am l going to lie that it’s all roses. Over the years, l have discovered quite a number of areas that are lacking and can be improved upon.

Although it looks as if EVERYONE promotes WA, it only a fraction of affiliates. Most community members create websites in different niches and will probably never promote WA to generate income.

This option is enticing because if you manage to introduce more than 300 new members, you will qualify for an ALL expenses paid trip to Wealthy Affiliate, Las Vegas conference. You will have an opportunity to meet and interact with the Founders of WA University.

Wealthy Affiliate Free Membership.

wealthy affiliate free membership

So, is Wealthy Affiliate Free?

There is a 100% Free Option to get started with WA. No account details are required. Upgrading to Premium membership is optional.

Additionally, you have 7 days to explore ALL the Premium Membership features after joining.

You can get free training in building a website related to a niche of your choice or the Bootcamp Training in the (Make Money Online) niche.

You will get access to the ”Get Started Training” which consists of 9 videos.

Lessons Included:

Lesson 1

Getting Rolling – Wealthy Affiliate walkthrough video showing you the dashboard and how to get access to support.

Lesson 2

Understanding How to Make Money Online – A brief overview of how to make money online.

Lesson 3

Choose a Niche – Explains the process of choosing your target audience and website name or domain.

Lesson 4

Building Your OWN Niche Website – Step-by-step explanation of how to build your website using the onboard website builder.

Lesson 5

Setting Up Your Website – Lesson on how to activate your website plugins and deleting default content. How to add a logo and favicon.

Lesson 6

Getting Your Site Ready for Search Engines – Setting up your Search Engine Optimization plugin, creating important pages such as Private Policy (Templates provided).

Lesson 7

Creating Your Initial Website Content – how to create crowd-pulling content on your website.

Lesson 8

Creating Custom Menus on Your Website – these allow the easy navigation of your website by visitors.

Lesson 9

Understanding Keywords – using the onboard keyword research tool, find out what people are actually searching in Google. Check the competition and choose the right keywords to include in your articles.

Free Membership Tools:

wealthy affiliate free tools

Free WordPress Web-builder:


  • Intuitive – one can use it without any prior experience or training.
  • Create websites in 1 minute or less depending on your internet connection.
  • No knowledge of coding is required.
  • Uploads some essential plugs ins such as the All In One (Search Engine Optimisation) SEO plugin which assists in ranking content.
  • Has a preloaded theme to use when creating the website.
  • WordPress is a very popular platform to create websites.


  • This is a very basic website which you will have to improve for example by adding a logo.
  • It has fewer functionalities when compared to other drag and drop web-builders such as Wix.
  • 1 free Sub-domain (yourwebsite.siterubix.com).
  • Sub-domains take ages to get ranked by search engines.
  • You do not fully own the website as it is an extension of the main domain (siterubix.com).

Web-hosting for 1 Website.


  • Your free website will be hosted securely for free.
  • You can log into your website inside the WA dashboard which adds another layer of security.
  • The website can be transferred to your .com website inside WA at a click of a button (When you upgrade membership).
  • No advertisements are displayed on your website as is common with other so-called ‘free’ website hosting companies such as WordPress.com or Wix.
  • You can promote any products of your choice, unlike yourwebsite.wordpress.com which has a number of limitations.


  • You can not upload any additional plugins to enhance the functionality of your website.
  • You have no access to the website’s Control Panel.
  • While having only a single theme available prevents newbies from being bogged down searching for the ‘Best Theme’ it can not cater for all niches.

Live support and One-on-One coaching.


  • Available for the first 7 days after joining when it is critical to get you started on the right footing.
  • Any questions are addressed timeously by the helpful community members.


After the 7 day period, you are mostly on your own and can only get access to previously answered questions inside the platform.

Answers are NOT moderated and some advice can be misleading.

Some referrers are new to affiliate marketing and can not offer any meaningful support to newbies.

Pro Tip:  Establish contact with your referrer outside WA for continued support. If you join Wealthy Affiliate by clicking on any link on this website, feel to come back and ask any questions in the commentary box below.

Free Keyword Research Tool (30 searches).


  • These are enough to get you started with keyword research for your new website.
  • You can check your site rank ranking for certain keywords, check search volumes for keywords, and how difficult it is to rank for the keywords.


  • If you exhaust your free keyword searches you are grounded.

You can try out the Jaaxy Keyword Tool by typing any keyword below and hitting enter;

There you have it. The Free Membership is okay for getting you started but it has too many restrictions. The very reason why l do not recommend this Membership to anyone who already owns a website and is earning a decent income.

Wealthy Affiliate Commissions.

If you are on Free membership and you are promoting Wealthy Affiliate you will earn:

A commission of $4 if the person you refer pays the $19 initial Premium Membership offer.

The subsequent payments of $49/mth will earn you a commission of $11.25 recurring.

If one takes advantage of the heavily discounted $495/year subscription you will get a Commission of $117.50 recurring.


  • You can earn without having invested any amount in upgrading your Membership.
  • You can earn while you learn the ropes.
  • The future earnings are automatically doubled once you have upgraded your membership.
  • You only need earnings from two paid-up referrals to offset your own payment for Premium Membership.
  • Low payment thresh-hold – you can withdraw your amount once it reaches $10. That’s just 2 referrals.


  • This has led others to label Wealthy Affiliate an MLM or Multi-level marketing company since you need to upgrade your membership to earn more.
  • If you do not upgrade your membership on time you lose substantial amounts on annual payments.

Free Wealthy Affiliate Membership is NOT available in the following countries;



What is the cost of Premium Membership and how much do you earn in commissions.

How Much Does Wealthy Affiliate Cost?

How Does Wealthy Affiliate Cost

Below is a ”rare” screenshot of what changes are made in the background when you upgrade your membership. This is why according to Kyle the process is irreversible. Once you become a Premium Member, you can not downgrade again to Free Membership.

Is Wealthy Affiliate Really Free?

If you upgrade your membership, you will pay $19 in the first month if you take advantage of the early bird offer. You will then pay $49/month for subsequent months. Alternatively, you can take advantage of the discounted yearly membership and pay $495/annum.

Believe me, that’s quite a saving. It will help you focus on building your business without checking the calendar and your funding your account every month. Now you know how much is Wealthy Affiliate Premium Membership.

This is what you will get;



As a Premium Member will gain access to several hours of training material. The material is delivered in various forms to suit individual preferences. Videos, text, and live webinars.

Kyle, the co-founder of Wealthy Affiliate delivers most of the training, and Jay (The chief trainer) delivers live weekly interactive webinars. The training is for both affiliates pursuing their own niches and those following the affiliate Bootcamp.

Videos – these are bit sized and step-by-step walkthrough videos that show how to perform certain tasks.

Written Tutorials – under each video there are written tutorials explaining what was demonstrated in the videos.

Live Classes – these are arranged in phases and easy to follow phases. There is a Q & A section after every lesson. This keeps questions relevant to a particular level.

Question and answer sessions – these are live webinars where affiliates can through any burning questions at the Chief trainer, Jay.

Weekly Webinars – Ensure that training inside WA remains relevant and up-to-date. They cover trending topics at any given time and provide answers in detail to frequently asked questions.

Getting Your Business Rolling – this is the free training which teaches the basic of affiliate marketing.

Building Your Own Traffic Producing Website – this is the key to Wealthy Affiliate training. All the other methods taught inside WA are to drive traffic to your website.

Keywords and Content Creation – you are reading this article because you typed keywords in the search engine and my website popped up on the first page. You clicked on the IsWebsiteLegit.com link. Content created around keywords is the recipe for success.

Conversions – mastering conversion optimization as you monetize your website and earn commissions.

Giving Your Site Social Value – That’s mastering social engagement. Creating Facebook pages, Instagram, and other social platforms. Improving your branding through media. Includes Facebook advertising.

Get Visual and Aesthetic – Improving the look of your website.

Knowing Your Audiences – engaging with your audience. Answering their questions, addressing their fears and concerns through targeted content.

Bing, Yahoo, & The Power of PPC – teaches you how to get started with paid advertising on Bing and Yahoo which are relatively cheaper than Google Ads.

Premium Blog Posts and Training – Experienced members can post helpful blog posts and short training on how to complete specific tasks.


  • The official training is straight forward and easy to follow.
  • The training covers many aspects of affiliate marketing including running Ads on Facebook and Bing.
  • Weekly webinars keep the training up-to-date and relevant.
  • Training is delivered using a different medium that suits individual needs.


  • One can easily get overwhelmed and suffer from information overload if you focus on random blogs posted by affiliates.
  • Some of the training is outdated especially the one posted by fellow affiliates (official training is frequently updated).
  • The official training barely scratches important ranking factors such as link building.
  • No in-depth training on the creation of funnels and email marketing.

Wealthy Affiliate Premium Membership.

Wealthy Affiliate Premium Tools

Web-Hosting Platform

Host 10 Websites – You can host a maximum of 10 websites with WA if you are on Premium-membership.

Site Manager – Check site health, comments posted, Google indexing, and overall website performance without visiting the website’s dashboard.

Domains – you can find and purchase domains inside the WA dashboard. BONUS –  You can get a free domain name of your choice.

SiteProtect (Spam Blocker) – Blocks spambots before they reach your website.

Site SSL (HTTPS) – this is offered for free inside WA. Encryption helps your websites to be trusted by search engines and visitors as they know that there is data safe if the leave comments or make purchases. Search engines warn visitors when they visit websites without site inscription.

SiteSpeed – Increase the speed of your website without using plugins. This will improved site speed by improved page caching, minifying Javascript and CSS’

Site Support – Timely site support depending on the complexity of the problem. Responds normally within 60 minutes.

Top Tip: If you are new to Wealthy Affiliate and you have not yet made you mind to stick with it for years. Purchase your domain elsewhere for example l purchased my first domain from Name Cheap. Then point the name savers to Wealthy Affiliate, this will avoid your important assets being locked inside Wealthy Affiliate. Also, back up your site externally using plugins such as Updrafts.

Site Builder.

Wealthy Affiliate Web-builder Is Called Siterubix. Get instant access to the Siterubix Web-builder and build your website for free!

Site Builder – Creates websites in 1-minute or less. The site builder is easy to use and intuitive. Comes with pre-loaded themes.

WordPress Themes – Get access to 3000+ WordPress themes to enhance the look of your website.

Plugins – These enhance the functionality of your website. Just like how Apps enhances the function of smartphones.


  • Most of the cheap web-hosts will charge you around $5/month before adding up-sells.
  • Other hosts will make you pay for SSL certificates or purchase from third parties then install them on your website.
  • Speed can be enhanced and spam blocked without installing plugins that reduce your site performance.


  • WA is mostly for newbies, so there is no access to the website C-Panel (You can only use an FTP Client).
  • You can not install some banned plugins such as Jet Pack.
  • There are complaints about hijacked websites although they are restored in minutes by the Site Support.
  • Once you cancel your membership, your websites will be removed in 30 days.

Content Writer.

wealthy affiliate content writer with spell check word counter.png


  • Content can be published automatically onto your website.
  • Add content into files (buckets).
  • Crop images into the desired size or into a fancy circle.
  • Indicates if an article or blog post has been indexed by Google.
  • You can search for articles using keywords.
  • Arrange articles by date created or the date last edited.
  • You can create and store templates to use to write your articles.
  • Contains editable pre-made templates of important pages such as the Private Policy page.
  • Has a word counter, grammar, and spell check function.
  • Automatically saves content and show all revisions in case you want to revert to a previous version.
  • The content writer tracks your main keyword to avoid keyword stuffing.
  • Has thousands of free images that you can use in your content.


a review of the wealthy affiliate university

  • It can get extremely slow if the article is more than 1000 words.
  • Can be glitchy when trying to add pictures from your computer.
  • Uses basic WordPress editor – this can be annoying if you are posting content to a website that is using page builders.

Wealthy Affiliate Support, Forum, and Community.

Wealthy affiliate community, support, forum

Live Chat – Get answers to your questions in real-time from members of the community, trainers, and occasionally form the owners of the website.

Email support – You can send private messages to fellow affiliates including the owners’ Kyle and Carson.

Comments Exchange Platform – You can exchange website comments with fellow affiliates.

Site Feedback – Get helpful comments about hove to improve your website from community members.

Search Bar – One can use the search bar to find answers to every question ever been asked inside WA. When you are getting started with affiliate marketing you face common challenges.


  • You get answers in real-time from WA members.
  • Website comments enhance your Search Engine Optimisation.
  • Comments are a great way of adding user-generated content to your website.
  • Site feedback from experienced affiliate marketers is helpful when you are getting started.


  • Admittedly the chat function can be addictive and a time-waster for affiliates.
  • Answers to questions are not moderated and therefore some advice can be misleading.

Wealthy Affiliate Keyword Tool.

Wealthy Affiliate Keyword Tool

The keyword research tool although is hosted on Jaaxy.com, can be reached through the WA dashboard.

Keyword Competition Data – find out how easy or difficult it is to rank for keywords at a scale of 1 to 100.

Site Rank – find out where your website is ranked on Google and Bing (main search engine). This will assist you to assess if your keyword research strategy is working.

My Keyword List – You can save you keywords under different folders. This will save you time since you don’t need to keep on carrying out keyword research repeatedly for the same keyword.

Search Analysis – check what your competitors are doing and piggyback on their strategy.

Alphabet Soup – will reveal a list of keywords Google suggests as related terms. These are actual keyword phrases people are typing in Google.

Domain Search – you can search for available domain names related to the keywords you are searching for. This makes the process of searching for keywords and finding a niche, stupid simple.

Affiliate Programs – find vetted programs arranged in easy to navigate categories. This is extremely useful in avoiding scammy affiliate programs.

Jaaxy Keyword Tool Pricing.


  • Intuitive – it is to use and data is easy to interpret.
  • Has many functions for the price.


  • This is certainly an up-sell because you need to upgrade a membership to get any meaningful data.
  • Affiliate marketing searches are a bit skewed towards WA related keywords.
  • Checking for keyword difficulty is manual and can be cumbersome.

Pro Tip: If you are getting started, upgrade to Pro only for one month. Carry out keyword research for 30 – 50 potential articles.


Starter –  Free

PRO – $49/month

Enterprise – $99/month 

Free Vs Premium Membership Summary Table.

Pro Tip:
It is worth mentioning that due to complex changes that occur in the background when you upgrade your membership, you can NOT reverse the process. That is, you can not revert back to Free Membership.

How to make money Money Inside Wealthy Affiliate.

how to earn money at wealthy affiliate

PREMIUM Member Commissions:

The commissions are double those on Free Membership. You can also earn credits that can be exchanged for cash. Payments are by the first of each month.

1. Credits: You get 2 credits worth $1 per each referral if they complete setting up their account. That’s adding a profile photo and writing a brief bio about themselves.

2. Domain Purchases: => $1 recurring if referrals purchase domains inside the platform.

3. Initial $19 offer – If referrals grab the offer and upgrade membership you will earn $8 (one time).

If your referral remains a member and pays $49/mth subscription you earn a commission of $23.50 (recurring every month)’

Referrals who take advantage of the discounted $495/year subscription you earn $235 (recurring yearly). (Commission will be held for 30 days in case of refunds).

4. Create Training – you can post-training on how to use plugins, set up themes, and so forth. You earn $5 on each approved training.

5. Blog Commenting: You can earn credits for commenting on other Wealthy affiliates’ websites. Comments must be original, relevant, and approved by the website owner. (Two credits are worth $1).

Is Wealthy Affiliate A Pyramid Scheme, Scam Or Legit?

Can we say it is a Pyramid Scheme?

Let us look at the definition of a pyramid scheme from the Better Business Bureau.

”Pyramid schemes focus on making quick profits that are earned by selling the right to recruit others. The entire purpose of the scheme is to get your money upfront. There is no real product to be sold as it’s a scam”. Better Business Bureau.

Since WA offers real products; Training, Web-creation tools, hosting, and support it is NOT a pyramid scheme. You can also join the affiliate marketing program for free without paying any amounts upfront. As l said before, less than a quarter of WA members earn money by promoting it to others. l personally have other websites in other niches.

So is it a SCAM?

Most people who call WA a scam is because of the automated deductions of subscriptions from their accounts after quitting. It is important to switch off recurring payments if you are using PayPal or inform your bank not to allow the payment to go through. Since you will be still a member, you can get your refund by directly contacting the founders, Kyle or Carson.

According to Wealthy Affiliate Terms and Conditions, on your FIRST default of paying your subscription, you have 30 days grace period to move your websites from WA. Unfortunately, if you resubscribe after the grace period has elapsed, on second default you are automatically shut out of Wealthy Affiliate. This will present challenges when you want to move your websites from WA from outside the community.

Can we say it is LEGIT?

Despite a few misleading promises as discussed throughout this review. Wealthy Affiliate is Legit and it offers real products and services to its affiliates. SO, if you want to cut the chase, get affiliate marketing training, host your websites, and get support from millions of community members, all in one place.

Frequently Asked Questions.

Wealthy Affiliate, How Do I Get Paid?

You can get paid through Paypal or have a cheque send to your address. Other methods of payment depend on the affiliate program that you are promoting. Some accept making payments using Stripe, Payoneer, and various payment platforms. Amazon can pay you using gift cards.

Does Wealthy Affiliate make you money?

WA will NOT make you money, it provides a platform on which you can get affiliate marketing training, website building tools, and support. How much you make, depends on your effort and how willing you are to put the training into action.

How long does it take to make money with Wealthy Affiliate?

This is one of the most difficult questions. l would say it depends on which path you choose, the niche, and above all your individual effort. Earning money by blogging will take a long time as you need to carry out keyword research, write content that ranks in Google, and convert visitors to customers (3-6 months to gain traction). On the other hand, if you decide to go with paid advertising, you can start making money in less than 7 days.

Is Wealthy Affiliate Outdated?

Affiliate marketing using websites or blogs is a process that has been proven to work for decades. It still works if done correctly. The training covers all the basics and important aspects of affiliate marketing such as E-mail marketing, Search Engine Optimisation among others. However, no training is perfect, it looks like making deliberate link building effort is frown upon.

So is there outdated training inside Wealthy Affiliate? The answer is a big YES. Every training created inside Wealthy Affiliate since 2005 is still accessible. Training posted by affiliates some of them who quit is never deleted. This leaves a lot of stale information inside the community.

How much do you need to make your first sale with Wealthy Affiliate?

As l said in this review, l made my first sale while l was still on Free Membership. l followed the training but created my first website hosted with Namecheap and l moved it latter to WA. I advise against upgrading one’s Membership before you have posted less than 20 quality articles on your Free Membership website.

Wealthy Affiliate Android Mobile App

While the website is mobile responsive and you can work on your smartphone there is no App yet. There are ongoing discussions inside Wealthy Affiliate about creating an App that can be used by affiliates on the go.

Is Wealthy Affiliate Real or Fake?

You are reading content form a website created and hosted with Wealthy Affiliate. l was also trained by WA on how to create websites, write keyword-based content, and rank the website on Google.

That is my unbiased and honest review of Wealthy Affiliate.

Share your thoughts, experience, or opinions in the commentary box below?

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  1. Thank you for sharing such a detailed post. l must admit, this is one of the most honest reviews of Wealthy Affiliate that l came across. Most of them are just so biased that it’s difficult to learn the truth. Since it’s free to join, l will take certainly take a plunge.

  2. Great review of Wealthy Affiliate and written in such a way that anybody reading it would find believable.

    Heard good things about Wealthy Affiliate and I like your honest opinion on that some of the training is a little dated.

    Unfortunately when you are running a software platform, unless you have a large team of developers then its hard to keep of with the times.

    I did hear that they do keep upgrading and adding additional functionality on an adhoc basis, so that’s definately a good thing.

    I see so many “so-called” training platforms that are far too expensive and pretty much all (with the exception of a few) do not give you that option of “free” so you can have a look around. Normally, upsell after upsell!

    At Wealthy Affiliate I see that isn’t the case which is great.

    Thank you for sharing a very well laid out review. Good job!

    • Thank Mick for passing by and leaving a well-thought comment. Indeed some of the Wealthy Affiliate content is dated, but the main training is constantly updated. l am glad you found the review informative. Certainly, the free membership will allow you to have unbarred access to all the Premium features in the first 7 days. This will allow one to explore the platform and make an informed decision. l really hate it when l have to pay for training and software then finding out that it’s not as advertised. All the best.


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