Tori Belle Cosmetics MLM Company Review.

Tori Belle Cosmetics MLM Company Review.

Maybe you were looking for magnetic mascara eyelashes, then you were offered an opportunity to make money promoting cosmetic products. Or someone close to you told you about the business opportunity offered by Tori Belle cosmetics MLM company and wanted to recruit you into their team.

You then decided to find out what it is all about, the founders, products, and compensation plan. Additionally, you are wondering if Tori Belle is a scam, pyramid scheme, or legit MLM company.

Congratulations for exercising due diligence before taking a plunge. Please read this comprehensive review before you make a decision.

Please note that the opportunity is only available in USA and in Canada for now although there are plans to expand it globally.

What Is Tori Belle All About?

Now you are wondering; who owns tori belle cosmetics?

The company was founded by Laura Hunter in April, of 2019. She worked as a photographer and a makeup enthusiast. Tori and Belle are words derived from her two daughters…. Victoria and Isabelle.

After working with several types of eyelashes, she decided to come up with reusable magnetic eyelashes and the patent-pending ”Lash Liner System”. You apply the lash liner, let it dry to touch, and then attach the lashes to the magnet. Trimming lashes is recommended depending on the size of your brow.

That is how came about. The company pays 20% commission to affiliates for selling products using their referral links. You can become an affiliate without signing up for the MLM option. You join for free as long as you have a following on social media to which you can promote your products.

The company also uses a network of distributors market cosmetic products through the sister company It handles the Multi-level Marketing side of the business. You can be an entrepreneur or beauty influencer.

l will look at the compensation plan later in this review. The separation of the two entities is commendable, in case the MLM side of business crosses the red line and gets in trouble with regulating authorities. The two companies occasionally offer discount cosmetics coupon codes.

The products.

The two companies sell a variety of products including the flagship Tori Belle magnetic mascara lashes. The lashes are easy to apply, reusable, and light in weight. Some call them adhesive lashes.

They also have brow kits that come in many colors. While this is not an article on magnetic lashes review, l list some of the popular products below. l will also look at a few complaints by users.

Other cosmetic products include;

Adhesive pen
Date night lashes
Anchors – to prevent lashes from falling off due to wet skin or Bad weather conditions.
Boardroom lashes
Date night magnetic lashes
Fantasy lashes
Wonderlash lashes
Customer service
Magnetic Mascara
Lip Gloss
Shadow Palettes
Body Glitter
Magnetude Clutch Palette (New)

You can check all the products on shop.toribellecosmetics.

Tools and materials to promote cosmetics.

  • Back office for tracking your sales and commissions.
  • Digital marketing training.
  • Business cards.
  • Pamphlets.
  • Replicated website.
  • Sign up kit.

Tori Belle Cost and Compensation Plan.

Using a third-party tool that calculates traffic to a website, the company really started on a positive note but visits started to decline. Maybe it was due to the Covid 19 induced lockdown combined with the face-to-face methods used to promote the products.

To join the business opportunity you must pay a once-off fee of $129. You will also pay $9/month for a replicated website fee (more of a duplicate of the original website).

As already mentioned. This is one of the cosmetic MLMs using a direct sales business model.

1. Personal Sales Commission – Earn between 25% to 40% depending on the sales volume.

2. Quick Start Bonuses – For $500 in personal sales during the first 2 months as a distributor will earn you 50 credits which can be used towards the purchase of products. $1000 worth of products in 2 months, you get $100 cash bonus. You can also earn Tiri Bele Travel points and cash bonuses if your recruits earn quick starter bonuses.

3. Product Credits & Travel Points – These depend on your monthly personal sales volume. Product sales start from $30 and Travel points $600.

4. Advancement Bonuses – As you advance from Senior Affiliate, Nano Influencer, Micro-Influencer, and Influencer stages you earn bonuses if you achieve the rankings within a stipulated time.

5. Team Commissions – The MLM uses a uni-level structure which is 5 levels deep.

6. Generation Bonuses – This is when your recruits reach Leading Influencer position and above.

You can check out the detailed Tori Belle Compensation Plan. Affiliate Sign Up – NO recruitment.

To sign up as an affiliate and earn 20% commissions on sales without any need for recruiting or building a team. You must provide the following information;

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Email
  • Password
  • Phone
  • PayPal Email Address
  • Facebook Address
  • Instagram Address
  • Twitter Handle

Tori Belle Cosmetic Sign Up – Multi-level Marketing Business.

If you are interested in team-building and cosmetic MLM business you must join

1. Sign Up.

2. Buy an Essentials starter kit – Pick products or chose the ”all magnetic starter kit” worth $129.

3. Get training – Learn how to promote products using various methods.

You will need the following information;

  • Name and Surname
  • Company Name
  • SSN/TaxID/SIN ( No spaces or hyphens)
  • Mobile Phone
  • Email Address
  • Birth Date
  • Choose Username
  • Choose Password
  • Street Address
  • Apartment/Unit
  • City
  • Select State
  • Zip

What Is Good About The Cosmetic MLM?

  • New, unique, and patented product has fewer competitors in the market making it relatively easy to sell.
  • Cosmetics and magnetic eyelashes are not animal tested, vegan-friendly, and gluten-free.
  • The 20% commission is fair when compared to other online shops such as Amazon which pays 1 to 5% commissions.
  • The lashes are reusable – talk of value for money.
  • Replicated websites make it easy to send traffic to a ready-made website.
  • Relatively low start-up fees, at $129 and $9/month for a replicated website when compared to other MLMs which charge up to $19 999 for a product.
  • Free shipping of products.
  • The cookie lasts for 180 days which means if someone visits you replicated website but does not purchase any products then visits the main website within 180days and buys products you are credited with the sale.
  • Tori Belle will find a mentor for you if you join as an affiliate but you have no-one to sign under.
  • You can sell products as an affiliate on without being involved in the MLM business.

What Can Be Improved Upon?.

  • Methods of promoting products such as parties and face-to-face meetings are dated and in the cases of pandemics such as the Covid 19, they are rendered obsolete.
  • Only the promotion of products via social media is recommended which requires huge followings when compared to creating your own website.
  • There are lots of complaints against the company’s products, support, and unscrupulous distributors which makes it difficult to recruit new members.
  • The refund period for magnetic eyelashes is only 3 days from the date of delivery which is definitely too short compared to 14 days for other products.
  • Expensive cosmetics due to high commissions and need to pay distributor incentives.
  • The company is relatively new and has not stood the test of time…. most MLMs collapse within 5 years.
  • There is no income disclosure which indicates average earnings by distributors you can only rely upon word of mouth by affiliates who usually declare gross sales instead of net profit.

Tori Belle BBB Complaints and Rating.

  • The company is relatively new but it has already has 63 customer reviews and has a rating of 2.81 out of the possible 5 points.
  • Complaints range from unpaid affiliate commissions, poor customer service, and unprofessional behavior displayed by some independent distributors.
  • The company however managed to resolve most complaints on BBB which is quite plausible. It will be important if they can put their house in order and avoid solving customer magnetic eyelashes complaints in public.
  • On one of the online product review forums, Trust Pilot, 65% of users reported the cosmetics as excellent while 33% says the products were bad. No one rated the lashes as great, average or poor. This implies that the products are either ”excellent” or ”horrible”.
  • l really expected the ratings to be on a continuum rather than being binary…. either excellent or bad. There are also complaints against poor customer service and delays in processing refunds. Other reviews are totally biased as they were posted by distributors who indicated that they were working for the company.Help or Customer service number – 360-667-3164.

Is Tori Belle an MLM, Pyramid Scheme or Scam?

It is a legit business promoting products through a normal affiliate program on This is 100% legit as there is no need to recruit new members. It is similar to promoting products on and earning commissions. You earn a basic commission of 20% and there are no bonuses.

 Is Tori Belle cosmetics a Pyramid scheme?

The MLM based business opportunity is promoted on MLMs remain legit if more than 51% of products are being sold to ordinary or public customers. However, if more than 51% of the cosmetics are sold to affiliates or distributors, it becomes a Pyramid Scheme which is illegal. It is the company’s duty to balance the two and remain legit. Time will tell.

So is it a scam? 

NOT at all. While there are complaints about the quality of products and poor customer service. There are no complaints about being scammed.

What is your opinion or experience with Tori Belle Cosmetics products or business opportunity?

Tori Belle Questions and FAQ.

Where is Tori Belle cosmetics located and cosmetics made?

16120 Redmond-Woodinville Rd NE Suite 15, Woodinville, WA 98072, United States.

What are the Ingredients in the Magnetic Eyeliner?

Acrylates Copolymer, Water, Alcohol Denat., Poly(vinyl alcohol), Butylene Glycol, Propylene Glycol, Xanthan gum, Ethylhexylglycerin, Fexenol, Phenoxyethanol, Iron Oxides.

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