Jesse Singh Review – Scam or Legit.

Jesse Singh Review - Scam or Legit.

This a review of Jesse Singh who owns,,,, and You were probably searching for a review one of the millions of make money online opportunities. Then you landed on one of Jesse’s websites above and now you are wondering if Jesse Singh is a scam or legit?

Congratulations on exercising due diligence and searching for a review of Jesse Singh before joining his recommended program(s). In this article, l will discuss how he got started and the 8 companies he promoted to date.

Numbers 3 and 6 were outright Multi-level Marketing scams that got busted by authorities and were shutdown. l will also look at an MLM company that Jesse created with other Gurus and why it failed dismally.


Who Is Jesse Singh?

who is jesse singh

He is the owner of the following websites that promote MLM and Network Marketing opportunities;


A blogger who understands that in order to make money online, learn how to create your own website(s). Create content that ranks in search engines, attract visitors, and convert visitors into customers 24/7.

Unfortunately, Jesse barely teaches anyone how to create websites. Neither do most of the programs that he promotes. Most people also forget that they were recruited after visiting one of his many websites. NOT through the paid methods such as buying Solo Ads that are promoted inside most programs that he recommends.

Most of the programs that Jesse promoted have the same low-level tripwire, $1, $7 or $39. Followed by several up-sells of high-end products costing several thousands of dollars. You are also left wondering how to finance several recurring costs.

l got know about Jesse in, January 2013 when like you, l was searching for legit ways to make money online. This is how through his website,, l joined one of the mothers of scams called Empower Network.

l lost all my savings due to the never-ending up-sells and the recurring costs of maintaining my membership level in the MLM scam. Luckily the scam was sniffed off by authorities and was shutdown.

Now you know why l wrote this Jesse Singh review!

A year later, l joined an affiliate marketing platform which taught me how to create websites and promote legit products online. l sold my website after 2 years for $38 479.00 and l shared my story on my personal blog inside the all in one affiliate marketing community.

So to me, Jesse is an MLM Guru who promote ANY program even scams, as long as he EARNS commission.

l am sorry for digressing…..

According to his about me page, he claims to be a former mechanic who was involved in a road accident. He suffered life-changing injuries. That is how he said he discovered a company called DS Domination which taught him how to earn $20 000 per month in less than 6 months.

l could not verify his story but it sounds familiar. The usual Online Guru stories of rags to riches.

However, l can confirm that he bought a customized Mercedes-Benz SLK-Class which costs between $87,200 for the basic trim level to $162,400 for Convertible SLK-Class SLK200. The money is from promoting very expensive MLM programs that left most people broke and in debt.

Now, let’s look at,

MLM Companies Promoted By Jesse Singh.

The companies are not in a particular order. Some of the companies inter lap because Jesse promoted them simultaneously.

ds Domination review Jesse Singh

1. DS Domination

DS Domination launched in September 2013. The founders are Hitesh Juneja, Kevin Hokoana, and Jason Rose. There was also a Roger Langille, who is said ti have jumped out of the sinking ship on time.

The company claimed that it was teaching people how to earn money by ”buying” products cheap on Amazon (one of the biggest online stores). You would then resell the products on eBay (Amazon’s competitor) for a higher price.

Sought of retail arbitrage disguised as a dropshipping business.

Buying” is in quotation marks because you would literally take a screenshot of a product on Amazon then use it to advertise the product on eBay. When a customer pays for the product, you take the money and pay for the product on Amazon. The product is then shipped directly to the buyer.

Now you know why the program was being promoted as a ”Copy and Paste Method” on

Of course, this was against the Terms Of Service (TOS) of both Amazon and eBay. The program tanked when member’s Amazon or eBay accounts were suspended or closed for breaching their Terms Of Service.

Since Amazon owns PayPal, members also got burnt when accounts were frozen or restricted. The profit was also negligible after the deduction of listing fees on eBay and PayPal charges.

Besides, the differences in retail prices between the two online shops are extremely low.

There were also issues with price changes on Amazon. After receiving money from a buyer on eBay for a product, you find out that the price has been increased on Amazon to a figure more than what you charged. What a loss! 

The company’s training program was a cover-up for an underground recruitment based business model. Jesse was earning money from recruiting people into Ds Domination.

He boasted about being the top recruiter inside Ds Domination, having more than 1 000 suckers under him.  l wonder if he made any money selling products on eBay if ever he did.

Ds Domination Compansation Plan.

This is one of the programs that gave Jesse the appetite to recruit people into low entry programs with a funnel populated with up-sells.


Pro Level $19.95/Month


Market Extreme – $199 

Unleashed Training  $249.99

Monopoly Training  $499

Recurring Costs.

Elite Level  $99/month 

To get paid $9.95/Month.

This is how much he would earn from his recruits per level;

Level 1 – 50%
Level 2 – 10%
Level 3 – 5%
Level 4 – 3%
Level 5 – 2%
Levels 6 to 10 1%.

Jesse would earn commissions at each level including ”passive income” from recurring payments.

Due to teething challenges, the owners of Ds Domination deserted it and created another company called INFINii. It attempted to correct the challenges that its predecessor had, but unfortunately, it adopted the flawed business model.

2. INFINii Review.

infinii scam

Jesse switched some of the links on his websites and started promoting INFINii. It was launched in December 2015.

It came with additional features such as an Infinii App that could be used to scan the prices of products on Amazon. It will then indicate how much you could sell it on eBay. More popular shops were added to the list including Wal Mart, Costco, and Sam’s Club. Of course at a cost of upgrading your membership.

They really tried to convert the former retail arbitrage business into a real dropshipping business. There were promises of linking up members with Chinese manufactures and also the founders of Infinii introduced their own products inside Amazon which members could sell on eBay.

Why the company was not sending products directly to buyers without flouting Amazon TOS is beyond me.

INFINii Compansation Plan.

l am not sure about how much Jesse earned per recruit. It consists of a Binary and a Uni-level compensation plan. He would also receive, individual and team bonuses.

Below is how much you would pay per month.

Prime – $49.95 per month

Surge – $149.95 per month

Excel – $399.99 per month

Partner to recruit – $9.95 per month

If you compare DS Domination and INFii compensation plans, you can see that the latter had only recurring monthly payments to keep recruiters such as Jesse’s pockets well oiled.

Then comes the mother of all scams….

3. Empower Network.

what was empower network was about

One of the greatest scams ever was formed by David Wood and David Sharpe. The latter jumped ship in 2014 and no one knows why. It started as a blogging platform before it degenerated into a Pyramid Scheme with endless up-sells.

Once Wood runs out of money, he would ”create” another ”new” game-changing product.

It looks like this was Jesse’s first Pyramid Scheme or scam he promoted.

He had a few posts on his Facebook page promoting the ENv2 blogging platform of Empower Network nicknamed The Beast. He was promising his followers to look forward to its launch in September 2013.

We all know the blogging platform was a flop. The blogs posted on the platform never got ranked on search engines. It was slapped big time by Uncle Google.

Empower Network scam collapsed and the founder, David Wood went bongers. He recorded a video threatening people who were asking for refunds and telling them he will ”cast a spell on their families”.

Time for Jesse to pack his bags and move on. Time to try something trending…

4. Platinum Binary Options.

hotmlmcompanies scam

Singh partnered with a guy called Sean Agnew and they launched a website called Jese really follows where the money is.

According to the about us page,

”When it comes to binary options, there is a lot of garbage on the marketplace. We have heard horror stories of people losing tens of thousands of dollars because they trusted a certain signal service and broker which didn’t come through…”

They then promised to refer people to ”tested” Binary Options platforms. There was also promise of basic training and one-on-one coaching. They also promised a 77% success rate.

We all know that they referred people to whatever Binary training platform and earned commissions for referrals. They would also get a cut of any amounts ‘‘invested” by their recruits.

As usual, they posted reviews of other binary options programs and referred people to theirs. It looks like the website was abandoned and links were redirected to Ds Domination.

Why not create your own MLM company? In comes ……

5. The Wealth Network.

Jesse Scam

The Wealth Network was launched on 12th July, in the year 2017.

This guy is amazing. After getting tired of promoting other people’s MLM and Network Marketing programs. Jesse decided to partner with other Gurus to create their own MLM.

Jesse Singh with his other ”Gurus”, Sean Agnew, Josh Jacobs, and David Arnett came up with The Wealth Network.

The program offered training on fulfillment by Amazon, which is ordering products and selling them through Amazon. It was more of rehashed INFINiii training.

It included training in Search Engine Optimisation and Blogging The training was largely influenced by Jesse’s short stint with Source Wave University. Which mainly teaches about link building using PBNs. A probable reason why Singh’s websites were ranking well before they tanked.

The Wealth Network Compensation plan.

Starting fee          $1 to $7

Silver package   $49.95 per month

Gold Package    $149.95/month

Smart Commerce package $997. 

The Journey                          $1997.

According to the owners of The Wealth Network,

”For the $3 product, we pay out 40% commissions. For the higher-end products like Journey for $1997, we pay out 25% because the other 20% goes to the one on one advisers that help their students every step of the way.”

So you would get a mere 25% on high-end products with the difference being shared with the network’s so-called ”advisers”. Everyone knows that when you hear the word adviser, coach, or consultant in MLM, you must run very fast. Why do you need an advisor when the training is well laid and there is support staff?.

You must know that the ”Adviser” or ”Consultant” you have been assigned is a glorified professional sales representative. The ”adviser’s” sole responsibility is to convince you to take out your credit card and pay for high-end products. You will then in turn pay the ”sales representative” to close the same high-end sales for you.

Greedy seems to have overtaken Jesse and his team. The comments dotted around the web indicate that they decided to increase the cost of one of the packages to $9 999.00.

A comment on one of The Wealth Network Review by Alley confirmed my fears.

Alley says:

December 28, 2017, at 9:38 am

I have purchased the wealth network. This is no longer what they offer. I am a little peeved that they changed some of the training and now added that to the close to $10,000 training. I assume because that is one on one. I understand they are a new company but there are definitely some problems that should have been worked out.

The company died in its infancy and never made any impact in the ”Make Money Online Space”.

Jesse’s video explaining the relaunch of Wealth Network posted in May 2018 has a paltry 1,595 views. Below the video, questions by people who had joined and were failing to contact support were not answered.

Time to look for another MLM to promote….

6. Digital Altitude & Aspire.

is jesse singh scam

Jesse Singh was featured on Michael Force the founder of Digital Altitude as having earned more than 4 million dollars. Of course, according to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), these were all cooked up figures to entice new recruits to part with their hard-earned cash.

This glorified pyramid scheme masquerading as a business opportunity was shut down in February 2018.

It is laughable that Digital Altitude was being sued by another bigger scam called My Online Business Empire for coping its Pyramid scheme based business model.

They were both shut down one after the other and they left a lot of people out of pocket or in debt.

Digital Altitude Compensation Plan.

This company had one of the deepest funnels of highly-priced membership levels. There are many people who were left bankrupt, surviving on social welfare, and others who had unpaid bank loans.

Just like most programs promoted by Jesse, it had monthly subscriptions and highly-priced once-off-sales.

Again, ”sales persons” masquerading as ”coaches” helped members to close high-end sales for a commission. Payments were from money paid by new recruits and there were no sales to the ordinary public.

Walker $37/Monthly

Hiker $67/Monthly

Climber $127/Monthly

Base      $597

Rise      $1 997

Ascend $9 997

Peak     $16 997

Apex    $27 997

TOTAL = $57 585.00.

Commissions were between 40% and 60%.

From my assessment, Jesse Singh was left unscathed. He even kept his customized Mercedes-Benz SLK-Class (valued between $87,200 and $162,400). Regrettably, it was paid for by some people who lost their entire life savings he had recruited into the endless Digital Altitude funnel.

Time for Jesse Sign to pack his bags and move on….

7. The Super Affiliate Network (SAN).

is jesse singh legit

Jesse quickly removed links overnight linking to Digital Altitude, flagship program called Aspire. He started to promote a similar program changed called Super Affiliate Network (SAN).

He also changed links inside his email autoresponder to reflect the new Network Company that he was now promoting. He even deleted all the pictures of him being handed over fat checks (cheques) by Micheal Force, the brains behind Digital Altitude.

The Super Affiliate Network was founded by Misha Wilson in 2016. The guy has been a top earn in other MLMs and Network Marketing companies. Just like Jesse he created his own company. l checked out SAN and l must admit, the training is solid.

It basically teaches people how to promote the program to others who in turn do the same. While SAN recommends creating websites, the main methods of promotion taught inside the member’s area is on using Solo Ads.

You are also assigned a coach as usual who tries to push you into the deep end and fork out around $12 497 for the so-called Maui Intensive Mentoring.

Supper Affiliate Network Compensation Plan.

Profit Boosting Bootcamp – $7

Solo Ad Success Formula – $297

IM Profit Formula – $7

Super Affiliate Inner Circle – $297

Pro Membership – $249

Maui Intensive Mentoring – $12 497

Commissions are between 40 and 50%.

l knew that after getting used to the insane commissions offered inside Aspire, Jesse would not stay for a long time at Supper Affiliate Network. The commissions were very low and the funnel ended once one pays for the SAN Maui Intensive Mentoring.

It looks like Jesse totally abandoned the Supper Affiliate Network.

So what is Jesse up to now?

8. Class With Jeff.

Class With Jeff
He is promoting another offer with several up-sells. The offer has different names;

Jeff’s training class millionaire

Jeff’s training class

Now Jesse Sign is promoting Class With Jeff. This program shows his unsatisfiable appetite to promote Multi-level Marketing (MLM) programs with infinity upsells. The program has all the aspects of Empower Network and Digital Altitude.

Claims that you can earn money without creating a website among other claims. Yet as we have already seen, Singh makes all his money buy promoting MLMs through his websites.

The programs demonstrate how to money made using a funnel builder called Clickfunnels whose price starts from $97/month. Another red flag is the promise to assign you a ”coach” to help you achieve your success. These are glorified ”sales persons” masquerading as ”mentors” or ”coaches”.

Paradoxically, the coaches are paid part of your commissions when they help you convince your recruits into buying into up-sells.

Jeff has many programs that feed into the same funnel such as Copy The Millionaire which leads you to the 6 Steps To Freedom. Then Class With Jeff will lead you to a program called the Entre Institute. Whichever way you enter the funnel, it will leave you +$30 000 out of pocket.

A low entry fee of $39 will lead you into a funnel that can wipe out  your entire life savings. Add on steep recurring costs.

Class With Jeff operates on the ”You Are The Customer First Principle”. You can only earn commissions when you promote what you have personally purchased. If your recruit purchases a product on a higher level than yours, you earn ZERO commissions. This is how the defunct Empower Network and My Online Business Empire operated.

Now your know who you are dealing with when you visit Jese Singh’s or websites.

What Are Jesse Singh’s Weaknesses?

1. Not truthful – he tells people that he earns money following the program that he will be promoting yet, he earns money by creating websites and ranking them on search engines. He owns more than 8 websites for Christ’s sake.

2. Money, money, money – that is what matters to him and he is not bothered by the quality of the products that he is promoting.

3. Lack of consistency – he has promoted one program after the other. One must choose a good product and stick to it.

4. Promote scams – he has two outright scams that he was promoting that left people bankrupt. Digital Altitude and Empower Network which were shut down by authorities.

5. Deceitful – bashes legit programs to promote scams. He wrote on one of his websites.

So if you come along a review and you see they are pitching Wealthy Affiliate, RUN!

Maybe he hates competitors because Wealthy Affiliate teaches exactly what he is doing. That is how to create websites, write content, drive visitors to your website, and convert them into customers 24/7.

He is happy with people buying paid traffic of which he gets a cut most of the time.

His Strengths….

1. Creates websites – He knows that the only realistic way to make money online is to create your own website(s). Imagine how many leads are generated by Jesse’s Empire of +5 websites 24/7 like clockwork.

2. Consistency pays – Jesse has been promoting Multi-level Marketing Companies from day one and is doing so to date. (l am not saying promoting scams is good though).

3. He is an aggressive marketer – he created more than 6 websites just to promote DS Domination.

Is Jesse Singh A Scam.

is jesse singh a scam

From this review of Jesse Singh of, l can conclude that he is personally not a scammer. Although it looks like he has a penchant for promoting high paying MLMs and Network companies some of which later turned to be scams.

Jesse is also notorious for bashing legit affiliate marketing programs and recommending his expensive MLM programs that pay him higher commissions.

He is not truthful about how he makes money online. That is creating websites and promoting MLM Companies. His websites generate leads 24/7 even when he is asleep or is on holiday. The programs he promotes will teach you about paying for traffic yet he generates his traffic for free.

Learn how you can also create your own website for free, get free traffic 24/7, and promote legit products.

Some people are so angry with Jesse Singh to the extent of wishing him dead. Below is an extract on a comment left on his website;

Mr. Singh..

You are quite the ass sucking mlm apologist.

Obviously you are on the payroll of quite a few of these fraudulent criminal enterprises. I’m sure you’ve done quite well for yourself lying about MLM’s and what they really are.

I sincerely hope someone fucking kills you, you lowlife douchebag.


”…..And for the record, I am not involved in MLM, I personally do eCommerce (Profiting on eBay and Amazon)”.

Jesse Singh. (That was obviously a blatant lie?)

Kindly, share your opinion on Jesse Sign in the commentary box below.

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