Is The IAPWE legit or a scam – Review

Have you bumped into an advert on Craig list asking for content freelance writers and editors? Now you want to know if International Association of Professional Writers & Editors (IAPWE) is legit or a scam.

Or you are just tired of it and you are now wondering how to cancel your IAPWE account.

You have come to the right place.

In this review l will look at what it is all about, how to join the freelance writing platform, how it works, and the payment methods.

If it is really worth it or a sheer waste of time. Are you just watching paint dry? In conclusion, l will tell you my opinion on whether IAPWE is a scam or legit.

You might be wondering:

Why l wrote a research-based review of IAPWE instead of just joining the freelance writing platform and report on my findings?

Well, when l visited the website l was greeted with a message below.

”We are no longer accepting new members at this time. Please enter your name and email below to join the waitlist and you will be notified when we begin accepting new members”.

From IAPWE about me page.

So, once l get an opening take a plunge and update this review. That is if my application get approved since English is my second language. (You may have picked a few typos, grammatical and diction errors.)

What is Amy Wilkerson’s IAPWE All About?

According to the founder, Amy Wilrson, it is a platform that offers writers or editors free membership, resources, and an opportunity to network. The platform also offers writers and editors paid opportunities to create content for its own expedience.

The freelance writing platform promises that writing for IAPWE will earn you more money than any other platform (more about this later). There are also claims that you will also teach you ways of avoiding freelance content writing scams dotted around the web.

At the moment, the company is searching for marketers among members who will help with searching for writing jobs. This is quite interesting because if a writer or editor can find paying jobs in the market? Why do they need to refer the job to IAPWE for unless they are dump squids?”

Having been a freelancer of Elance and was later transferred to Upwork after the merger with ODesk, l have realised that there are always fewer writing jobs than writers on most platforms.

Worse still, using a third party software on Similarweb, the website is receiving a paltry 60k visitors a month as compared to Upwork which receives a whopping 30 million visitors per month.

Of course, that was before l realised that if l wrote the same articles on my website, l will earn money 365 days a year, 24/7 even when l am sleeping.

Think about it:

l created my own website, posted 90 articles (worth 90 X $20 = $180). In 2 years the website was now earning me +$1000 per month and l sold it for +$38 470 on Empire Flippers. The website earned me more than $60 000 in 2 years from 90 articles that l could have been paid $180 for.

Tired of writing to build other people’s businesses and fulfill their dreams? Learn how to create affiliate marketing websites for free. You will get access to free training, 1 website + hosting, and live support. You will also get one-on-one coaching from me. Just reply to the emails l will send to you once you join the platform. No account details required unless you want to upgrade your membership.

Let’s take a look at:

How it works.

Once you join the content writing platform, you can visit the job dashboard or IAPWE cloud. Once you find a writing task you are interested in you to indicate that to the managers. If you are assigned the job, you can get started with your research.

Articles must be completed within 24 hours from the time of assignment of the task. The completed articles re-submitted so that available editors can access the work.

Editors make sure your work is unique, well-formatted, and complies with the company’s best practices. The overall quality of work is regularly cross-checked by managers.

There are occasions when you need to re-write the entire article if the client is not satisfied. So, is the job of freelance article writing.

Payments are made weekly through PayPal and there is no minimum threshold. There are positive remarks about the platform’s efficient and timely payment system.

How Much Can You Get Paid?

After joining the IAPWE, submitting a writing sample, and being approved, how much can you get paid?

You will earn $10 dollars per 100 words as a writer and $3 per 100 words if you are an editor. This IAPWE review could have earned me $100 and $30 if you edited it inside the platform.

Sounds like a lot of money but if you consider that the article will earn me money 24/7 for life even when l am sleeping or am on holiday.

Some of the earnings are recurring income, which means l work once and earn commissions for life as long as my referral is paying subscriptions.

This is common with web-hosting affiliate marketing programs. As long as one renews the hosting contract, you earn a commission if you referred them to the platform using your unique affiliate link.

So you can decide, to chase the scarce writing jobs for life or post evergreen articles on your website which generate income like clockwork! In any case, you can always post articles on your website when you don’t have pending client writing tasks.

It’s a win-win.

What l liked?

  • It is free to join.
  • Registration is easy – enter your name and email address, upload a sample article, and send the security 5 digit pin.

What Sucks.

  • It’s expensive – you can get native content writers on Upwork who you can pay between $15-$20 for a 1000 word article.
  • The approval process can take a looong time which is quite worrisome for a website with such low traffic (check using third-party tools).
  • You can not get any writing job without upgrading your membership for the discounted $5.95/month. When you click on ‘Job Dashboard’ you get s message saying ”This page is accessible to Professional and Business members only”. Surprisingly, others report that they could get access to writing jobs without paying any subscription.
  • No meaningful training on writing articles – if you visit the IAPWE’S Facebook page, it has more than 17,801 followers but there is no engagement at all. There are random posts posted on the news feed from various blogs on how to improve one’s writing skills.
  • There are complaints by members about the recurring billing which is difficult to terminate. There are 13 complaints on BBB website of which 11 are queries about unapproved billing. The company leaves the burden of canceling recurring payments to its members.

Is IAPWE a scam or a legitimate company?

Since l am still on the waiting list, l can not say whether the company is a scam or legit. What l will only do is to point you to a few red flags that l noticed.

From the above screenshot taken from Smilarweb, the top recruiting sites are Craiglist ads (Writers and Editors) and the ONLY destination is Paypal (when members pay for subscriptions).

  1. While they claim that it is free to join, the free membership is as useless as dog doo. You can not get any job on the platform. It is just a way of pulling you into the sales funnel. While it is legit for companies to have free and paid membership, you must at least get the basics even if you haven’t opted to upgrade your membership. l expected at least a limited amount of writing jobs even on free membership just as is on other popular platforms such as Upwork.
  2. Even if you upgrade your membership, there is no guarantee that you will get a job. Remember, when you visit the about me page there is a message which says;

”We are currently seeking members to take on administrative roles to help us identify and verify additional writing and editing job opportunities for our members”.

So you are literally paying IAPWE for non-existent writing jobs. They are looking for members including yourself, to search for random jobs to post on their platform. At the same time, the potential customers are wondering why they must hire a writer on IAPWE for $100 instead of $20 on Upwork to write the same number of words?

In my opinion, IAPWE is a scam if it is recruiting writers and editors then force them to pay subscriptions for non-existent freelance jobs. A probable reason why there are many complaints about recurring billing.

Remember, you are paying a subscription to get writing jobs yet you are being requested to help with finding clients to write for according to the job advert on their platform.

It is not surprising that the company is making more money through membership subscriptions than they make from writing jobs.

IAPWE is also accused of fraudulently reactivating recurring membership payments through PayPal. They report receiving messages from PayPal confirming that the Merchant has reactivated the recurring payments. The company however denies these allegations.

How to cancel IAPWE membership?

This is a common question as shown by the number of searches using keyword research tools. l presume, after paying a few subscriptions and realising that there are no writing jobs people want to cancel their membership and subscriptions. Since the main payment gateway is Paypal, just login to your account, click on “preapproved payments” and visit IAPWE membership. Click on cancel and you are done. Since l am on the waiting list, l don’t know how to do this inside the platform.

What is IAPWE Better Business Bureau BBB Rating?

It has a B- Rating which is not bad for a company that has operated for such a long time. There are 13 complaints most of which are because of unapproved recurring billings. Here is one of the complaints from BBB;

”I cancelled my “membership” with thsi outfit last month. They put it back on me to turn off billing, rather than shut it off from their end. I have been billed – again – for this membership. Its impossible to get a response and they do not honor the cancellation letter I have from a month ago. Their billing practices are as fraudulent as their alleged service.”

Tip: Do not sign up using the PayPal Guest account which allows you to bypass PayPal and pay with your credit card. This will make it extremely difficult to stop recurring payments.

Share your opinion or experience with IAPWE in the commentary box below?

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