Is Tevanti A Scam or Legit – Review.

Is Tevanti A Scam or Legit – Review.

Have you bumped into an advertisement on Facebook or Ticktok for led lights? The lights are said to be for free, you only pay for shipping.

Now that it has been weeks and you haven’t received any product, you decided to search for customer reviews on whether Tevanti is a scam or a legit online store.

You came to the right place. In this review of Tevanti l am going to look at the founders, where the company is located, and the products. l will wrap it up by disclosing whether Tevant is a scam or a legit online store for led lights.

Stay with me;

l have reviewed a similar online website that falsely advertises products and delivers replicas. You can read Is Comfyrs A Scam, Real or Legit? – Review.

What Is Tevanti All About?

According to information on the about us page of the website:

”Tevanti specializes in cutting edge, energy efficient LED lights that provide a superb quality of light that can make any room a dream room”.

The company boast of having various led strip lights to suit every occasion in its inventory. It also runs several promotions on social media during special occasions such as ”Black Friday”, Christmas and others.

There is no information on the ”About Us” page on who owns Tevant, the physical address, or any mention of where the led lights are made.

A quick analysis of the website using third-party tools such as Lookup, reveals that it is based in ”Utah, United States. This information can not be confirmed.

Orders are said to be delivered within 2-4 weeks and normal circumstances. There may be delays during holidays and due to Covid induced restrictions.

There are fake pop-up messages which a lot of spelling and grammatical errors on the website presumably from customers who purchased the products. This is a way to push customers into purchasing the products.

Is The Company Any Good?.

tevanti scam review

  •  Has a lot of led lights in its inventory.

What Is Bad About The Company?

  •  Advertising – is deceptive. You are not only paying for the shipping but the price of the lights obviously in the shipping.
  • Shipping – there are a lot of complaints about products that were never delivered or delivered very late.
  • Tracking – while customers are promised tracking codes for their orders, they are either bit functional or they are not sent at all.
  • Tevanti telephone number and – the phone number displayed on the website is said to be fake (doesn’t go through).
  • Support email address – there are complaints by customers who did not receive any invoices or order confirmation after paying or the led lights.
  • Refunds – it is extremely difficult to get a refund from the company (l will discuss the reasons why below). There is no product return address or packing list enclosed when products are delivered.

Tevanti Refund Policy.

Most people unfortunately don’t read the company’s refund policy before making payments online. No one would purchase any products from Tevanti after reading the refund policy.

1. ”— your item must be in the same condition that you received it, unworn or unused, with tags, and in its original packaging—”

So if you open the package and test the less light, you get not refund because they have been ”used”.


You will not get any refund if you buy discounted or products on promotions. This is ridiculous since the company mostly promote products by offering discounted offers.

3. Your application for a refund must be sent by email and must be approved first before they can send a sticker with the return shipping address.


If the company advertises led lights, customers pay for the items but they are never delivered —- Tevanti is a scam and is not legit.

The refund policy also leaves a lot to be desired and has a lot of unfair conditions to fulfill. How do you know a product is functional without testing it.

Why should customers get no refunds for discounted products if they paid for them and found out they are not functioning well or are not as advertised.

I am sorry if you fell for this scam. Time to contact your bank and ask them if you can get a refund.

Share your opinion or experience  with Tevanti and help others avoid this scam?

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