Is Oshenwatch A Scam or Not – Review

Have you visited and wanted to buy an Oshenwatch? Now it has been weeks and you haven’t received the ordered items.

Now you are wondering if Oshenwatch is a scam or legit.


…your watches have been delivered but it is not switching on. There is no charger enclosed in the packaging and you are wondering how you can charge the device.

You are also wondering how to connect the Oshenwatch to your iPhone or Android phone. The manual is lacking a lot of information on how to charge, turn on, and set up the watch.

You are now asking yourself, is Oshenwatch genuine?

You have come to the right place;

In this Oshenwatch independent review l am going to look at;

Who owns the website, where the watches are made, and share tips on how to charge the device. l will also share 21 reasons why in my opinion l think buying this watch is a bad idea. Wrapping up, l will tell you whether is a scam or not.

What Is

The website is owned by Strong Current Enterprises Limited based in China which operates several other websites that use the same method of operation. Even though on the website, it is said to be owned by Thinknix Enterprises Limited based in USA.

Oshen smartwatch features are for measuring Blood Pressure (BP), heart rate, oxygen levels, and a steps tracker. During the night, it can also monitor and record the quality of your sleep.

Other functions are accessible when it is linked to a smartphone such as receiving text messages. It can also perform other normal functions such as timekeeping.

If you are wondering;

Where Oshen watches are made and who is the manufacturer? They are likely to be produced in China given the time it takes to deliver the ordered items. The manufacturer is not clear, it’s probably outsourced.

The company promises to deliver watches within 14 days from the date of placing an order. However, there have complaints from people who had to wait for months before receiving the order items.

They advertise products on Facebook, Amazon, and eBay. Once, you pay for the product, they deliver a replica totally different from the advertised product that is if it’s delivered at all. The customer service is non-responsive and it’s extremely difficult to get a refund.

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Let’s look at the good and the bad about these watches. l went through hundreds of websites to come up with common challenges.


– Great concept for allowing people to measure their vitals on the go.

– The watches’ prices are reasonably cheap given the stated functions and include discounts.

21 Oshenwatch Complaints.

1 It is extremely difficult to pair the watch with your iPhone or Android smartphone… you will think it’s hoax.

2 Most of the watches do not function and does not turn on.

3 You can hardly get a refund even after returning the watch(s). The company does not acknowledge receipt of the watches and at times claims that the items were delivered to a wrong address

4 Takes forever to get the items delivered if ever they are delivered. Covid restrictions and too many orders are often cited as reasons for the delays.

5 Offers store credit instead of full refunds.

6 Watches delivered are not as advertised. Looks like replicas.

7 Not durable. The gadgets pack up pretty quickly, the straps break easily, and the battery life is often very short.

8 Charger not included. They can only be charged using a USB on other devices which compromises the charging system.

9 At times no packing slips with order numbers and proof of payment are enclosed in the packaging.

10 The support is non-responsive with queries going un-attended to.

11 Blood pressure accuracy is dubious with readings “healthy” readings reported even when the watch is not worn on the wrist.

12 Manual instructions inadequate which makes it difficult to set up the watch.

13 Most of the time, the App doesn’t sync or connect with the watch and frequently gets disconnected.

14 There are several reports of the watch freezing during or immediately after charging.

15 Oshenwatch phone number most of the times goes straight to the after-call survey even before you have talked to the support staff.

16 The company issues fake, non-existent, and invalid tracking numbers which obviously don’t work.

17 When advertising, the watches are said to be waterproof when in actual fact they get easily damaged by water.

18 There are fake ratings and testimonials on the website probably written by the company’s own workers. You can not independently post a review or rating on the website.

19. The App has a lot of glitches and has lots of distracting Ads including fairly long videos.

20 How to set time on Oshenwatch without connecting it to the App is not clear.

21 Suspected problems with the sensors leading to inaccurate readings.

Oshewatch User or Owners’ Instructions Manual.

If the manual was not inside the packaging you can visit the Watch’s manual by clicking on this link;

Oshenwatch how to charge, turn on and set up.

The watch is switched on by pressing the function key.

It is difficult to find Oshen Watch battery charging directions or instructions.

From reading a few customer reviews;

1. To charge the watch, take off the top armband.

2. Stick the stub or protrusion into the USB port on your computer or laptop.

In other words, the battery charger is part of the watch. It comes in the form of a micro USB cable attached to the watch.

Make sure the watch is fully charged to avoid taking the band connection on and off frequently. Otherwise, the band won’t hold on and will quickly fail.

There are no display dimensions stated in the manual. But according to the website

Oshenwatch App for Android or iPhone to download is called Fitpro. Be warned, it has annoying pop-up ads when navigating and can be difficult to connect to the watch. You need to restart your phone several times if you receive the error message … ”device disconnected”.

Refund Policy.

According to the Oshenwatch refund policy, terms and conditions you will get your money back if you return the product within 30 days from the date of receipt. This is subject to prior approval by the Customer support department. Unfortunately, they delay the approval process until 30 days elapse.

There are also items that are non-returnable and hey include

”Some health and personal care items”. l am not sure if the watch falls in this category and if it is the reason why the company is unwilling to process refunds.

It looks like the only way to get a refund is to open a dispute with your bank that is if you used a credit card. If you used a Debit card it will be extremely difficult, if not impossible to get your money back.

There were a few other customers who were locky after opening a dispute with PayPal. Others were not so lucky as the company is in the habit of sending tracking and proof of delivery of ordered items to PayPal.

Help others by reporting the website to authorities such as the federal Better Business Bureau, which is a customer protection agent. Comment on product review forums and help others not to fall for this buy oshenwatch scam.

The Oshewatch scam is common in countries such as South Africa, Canada, United States, New Zealand, and Australia.

Try contacting the company using the email:

Oshen Watch Alternatives.

Fit Bit

Garmin wristwatch.

wrist cuff (OMRON)

Is Oshenwatch A Scam or Not?

It’s inconceivable that someone put several people’s health in danger by selling a watch that gives falls readings of vitals.

It the does not deliver products which were advertised and they don’t honor its own refund policy…. it is a scam.

The products are substandard, there are numerous complaints. Oshenwatch not turning on, charging, syncing, or connecting. Which makes it difficult to tell if it an online scam or not.

Technical support is non-existent and there is no warranty. There are no clear instructions or tutorial on troubleshooting and how to solve problems.

Buyoshenwatch order status, tracking, and shipping details are not provided and mostly inaccurate.

Frequently Aske Questions.

What is Oshenwatch customer service phone number – There is no phone number on the website.

Can Oshenwatch measure blood pressure?

According to the, the watch can measure blood pressure but most customers have found out that it only gives you average readings for a healthy adult. It can even give readings of BP when activated using the App even while lying on the table.

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