Is A Scam, Fraud, Fake, or Legit?

Is A Scam, Fraud, Fake, or Legit

Is A Scam, Fraud, Fake, or Legit?

You were searching for an online movie streaming website, a book to read or listen to music then landed on

Or you stumbled on a website such as, Watch32.LA or various other feeder sites. Eventually, you were redirected to this good looking website.

After being assured of a free trial and promise that your card will NOT be charged ” if you cancel”…. you fell for it. Entered card details, CCC number, and a small amount of $0.01 was deducted from your account.

You log into the website and you can’t find the movie, book, or music that you were looking for. Now you notice that money is being deducted every month from your account by

Maybe your sixth sense or instinct rang a bell that this can be a scam, You searched for, ”Geeker what is it?”, congratulations for exercising due diligence before surrendering your credit or debit card details.

 Now you are wondering;

What Is All About? fraud

You have come to the right place.

In this review of, l will look at the founder, how it works, and membership costs. Whether it is a scam, fraud, fake or legit website. In the end, l will discuss how to cancel subscription or account.

It is not clear from the website who owns this media streaming website that promises many functions all in one place. It is like bringing Netflix, Spotify, Amazon Kindle, and live TV as a single package.

Talk of good to be true.

How it operates;

You search for a certain movie, book, live streaming event, and so forth then the website pops up on the first page of Google. Or you are redirected to by related websites such as and Watch32.LA.

1. To download media, listen to music, or watch a movie, you are asked to create a membership account.

2. You are asked to select a membership level, Basic – $4.95, Premium – $14.50, or Premium plus $19.50 per month. There are complaints that the company deducts as much as $29.95 per month from people’s accounts.

3. There is a promise that you can cancel your membership anytime and you will not be charged a dime.

4. Immediately after entering your card details and CCC (presumably to confirm or verify your address or age), a negligible amount of $0.01 is deducted from your account.

5. More often than not, you don’t find the book, movie, or music that you were looking for even if it was displayed on the website.

5. You try to cancel the account without success or you forget about it altogether until you realize that was deducting money from your bank account for months.

You can also read my Betofirst Review – Scam or Legit which exposes a similar website that delivers products that are totally different from what was advertised.

What Is Good About This Website?

is geeker legit

l visited more than 10 websites to come up with this detailed review. At no point did l find any positive review of this website. It’s like being asked everything is okay while you are among thorns.

Just a few pros;

– Promises an all-in-one platform on which you can stream movies, music, read books, and download various PDFs. This was a great idea if well.

– Professional website – admittedly, the website unlike other scammy or phishing sites, it looks professional. Complaints.

Deception – requesting credit card details and CCC number

in the name of verifying your address yet, you are authorising the company to deduct a specified amount every month from your account.

Lying – the company promises access to movies, music, books, and other media that is NOT available inside the website.

Billing – you are continuously billed and money deducted from your account without authorisation.

Cancelling of account – it’s difficult to cancel your account as it is said to be no existent and your email is said to be not on record.

Poor support – while there are canned messages posted on other customer review websites, there are lots of complaints by people whose emails were never responded to.

Phishing – the website is accused of stealing private information from people who don’t even know the website exists (this could not be verified).

Is it A Scam or Legit?

is a scam

If it is true that the website deceives people and makes them enter their credit card details in order to deduct monthly membership fees without consent.

It is an outright scam.

There are reports that there are ”pre-checked” boxes during the sign-up process authorising the company to deduct chosen amounts depending on the membership level.

There are complaints that there are no promised media inside the platform. There are many people who failed to find what they paid for inside the website. That is deception and it makes the website fake and not legit.

Deductions of money from accounts of people who never joined or even visited it points towards fishing. That is outright scamming of people and stealing which is illegal.

That makes a scam.

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Why Is on my bank or credit card statement?

According to the website’s support;

”We’re excited to let you know that we’ve upgraded you to our new entertainment package, GEEKER”.

You heard it very well. They did you a favour and ”upgraded” your membership to a paid level without your knowledge or approval.

If you never visited the website, you must phone 1-877-215-4628 or 1-646-213-1438 and give them details such as your full name, credit card details, the amount deducted, and specify when it happened.

Why did deduct $0.01 from my bank account?

According to the website, it is to ”verify” if you are the owner of the card and the account is functional. To me, it’s a way to request ‘authorisation’ to enable future deductions of higher monthly subscription amounts.

How to cancel account?

You can visit the website and click on ”Cancel Membership”, enter your email and password. Phone support 1-877-215-4628 (toll free) or 1-646-213-1438, send email support(at) or use the chat option.

Good luck with that, there are complaints by people who canceled subscriptions but continued to witness deductions from their accounts.

The best way if you used PayPal, is to login, visit the accounts sections, and then recurring billing. Cancel any future payments.

If you used a debit or credit card, the best option is to contact your bank and instruct them not to make any further payments. You can also cancel the credit or debit card and get new ones.

Geeker what is it?

It is a website that promises you streaming of movies, music and reading of books for a low monthly fee. It is however notorious for charging and deducting monthly membership fees from people’s accounts without authority.

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