Is Everra An MLM, Scam, or Pyramid Scheme – Review.

Is Everra An MLM, Scam, or Pyramid Scheme – Review.

Have you been approached by someone promoting lashes, airbrush kits, skincare, wellness, and cosmetics as if they were the first products to ever been produced on Earth? Or you were offered an opportunity to own your own ”business” by joining the beauty and wellness Multi-level Marketing company?

Now you are wondering;

Is Everra An MLM, Scam, or Pyramid Scheme? Whether it is a legit cosmetics and wellness MLM.

Whatever reason for searching for Everra MLM reviews, you have come to the right place. In this article, l will discuss what it all about, the founder’s history, products, and how much they cost. l will also look at the compensation plan and if it is a legitimate business or not.

Unfortunately, this review is not about the quality of the products and how to use them. l am focusing on the MLM business model, its flaws, and if it is lives to the hype.

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Founder of Maëlle, Everra and Naativ – Christopher Welch

He was the Vice President of one of the oldest beauty MLMs called Younique up to early 2016. As usual, when leaders in an MLM build a significant downline, they either jump ship to join another MLM or create their own.

That is how;

Welch created a new beauty MLM called Maëlle which means means “princess”. This was a replica of Younique and sold identical products.

This lead to the popular Younique vs Christopher Welch lawsuit. He was also accused of siphoning distributors from his former MLM to his new company. The probable reason why he created a company in the same niche as Younique. Maëlle closed its doors and Welch moved on.

Now you know why joining an MLM is NOT creating your OWN BUSINESS. You can get chucked out and can be sued by your ”business”… lol.

And you know what else?

He created another English e-learning company called Naativ. Christopher Welch promoted it on Quora, Reddit, LinkedIn, and various social networks but the platform failed to gain any traction.

While it worked to keep away his former employer, Younique away, he had ventured into unfamiliar territory. There were more North American teachers than students…. the obvious was inevitable.

According to reviews of Naativ on Glassdoor (see screenshot), the company collapsed after the ”CEO ran off to start a cosmetics MLM”.

Naativ Christopher Welch

Guess the name of the new beauty MLM?

What Is Everra Cosmetics All About?

what is Everra all about

Now that you know the owner of Everra, let’s have a look at the company itself. Everra started as a cosmetics MLM but it later added wellness products to its inventory. It was formed and launched at the end of 2019.

The company uses distributors called Influencers to promote its products – direct sales. The company started promoting the MLM part of the business before there were any products posted on the website.

Only 3 makeup products were posted on the website before the year ended. However, at the moment the company has quite a number of products in its inventory.

The company also has an onboard learning hub. Here members or influencers learn how to promote cosmetic and wellness products to potential customers.

The company was launched in USA, UK and CANADA. It is likely to spread to Australia very soon.

And the good news?

  • The company sells real products and is continuously adding new lines of products.
  • It is relatively cheap to join at $9 0r $19 to get started and you buy a starter kit of $34.
  • High commissions 30-35% per sale when compared to 1-3% offered by some of the popular online shops.
  • There is no evidence that the products were certified by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).
  • No once knows if Everra products are not animal tested.


Bad MLM News.

  • The cosmetic and wellness MLM niche is extremely competitive. You are competing against well-established MLM companies such as Younique, Mary Kay, Avon, and others.
  • Competition to sell products to customers is substantially increased as distributors recruit new members who in-turn become competitors.
  • MLM products are generally expensive to cover costs of high commissions, incentives to recruit, and lavish bonuses paid to distributors.
  • There is 1-3% success rate, more than 97% of distributors fail and others make losses. Most distributors only talk about their ”gross earnings” before deducting expenses, time spent, and the cost of products purchased to maintain active membership.
  • There is no income disclosure statement so one can not tell the average earnings by distributors.
  • The founder, Welch has a bad track record of creating companies that fail.

Let’s have a look at:

Everra Cosmetics and Wellness Products and Prices.

I am fearless Lux Lashes. $39.00Airbrush by Everra Bundle
Everra InstaLast SerumBooster & Cravings control $98.00Tinsel Shimmer shade $24.00
I Am Strong $39.00Airbrush Foundations
Eye SerumRev & Burn $112.00Bronze Shimmer $24.00
I Am Posh $34.00Airbrush Highlighter
Face SerumShred & ZZ’s $103.00Prestige Cosmetic Brushes $59.00
I Am Beautiful $34.00Airbrush Blushers and Bronzer

The 1, 2 Punch $133.00Liquid Gold $24.00
I Am Unstoppable $34.00InstaLast SerumEverra Rest $44.00Love Your Lips Gloss $15.00
I Am Powerful $34.00InstaLast SerumEverra Calm $69.00Brow Groomer $14.00
Lashes of the Month Club $49.00Face SerumHair & Nail Health
Precision Brow Liner $17.00
Everra Magnetic Eyeliner $29.00Evantioxidant
Chic Full Coverage Concealer $21.00
Everra Lashes Applicator $10.00Green Tea $74.00Chic the Cheek Contour Palette $29.00

There are no flagship products although they carry magnetic eyelashes in their line which are created by another MLM company called Tori Belle. l am not sure if they buy products from Tori Belle of they manufacture their replicas.

You can read my Tori Belle Cosmetics MLM Company Review of the eyelashes MLM.

A reason why some people search for Everra vs Tori Belle magnetic lashes. Most of the facial products are mostly for removing fine lines and wrinkles. It is not clear where the products are manufactured or whether they are animal tested or not.

Wellness products are mainly for weight loss through the control of appetite, cravings, and body cleansing.

So Is Everra a Scam, Pyramid Scheme or Legit Company?

Time will tell if the company will degenerate into a scam. How long the company will be paying affiliates in full and on time. l hope it won’t be another Naativ where some people provided services but they were never paid.

Think about it:

MLM VS Pyramid Scheme

While Pyramid Schemes receive more bashing than MLMs, their members actually make more money than MLM distributors according to a study by FTC. On the other hand, most MLMs that get shutdown will have crossed the red line and degenerated into Pyramid Schemes.

Let me repeat it again; Joining an MLM company is NOT creating your own business. You are a glorified sales representative.

MLMs turn into Pyramid Schemes when less than 51% of the company’s products are being sold to ”real World customers” who are not enrolled as members. The very reason why some MLMs regulate the number of sales to your down-line vs sales to ordinary customers to maintain the legal balance.

No one can tell if Everra is a Pyramid Scheme or not unless they are can access information about the balance of sales.

There is a 10-15% discount if you choose to subscribe to the monthly auto-shipment of products. There is also free shipment depending on the value of the products purchased.

The compensation Plan and the Costs.

To join the MLM business, you need to pay $19 which was reduced to $9 during the launch. l am not sure if it was ever increased. If you ask me, that is quite a fair price

Then you must pay $34 and choose one of the Everra starter kits below;

Beauty Starter Bundle

1 Easy on the Eye Mascara
1 Everra Eye Shadow Palette
1 Love Your Lips Gloss

Wellness Starter Bundle

Energy – 10 packets
Shield – 10 packets
Green Tea – 20 packets

Everra Compensation Plan – in brief.

1. Retail sales commissions between 25% – 30%
2. Bonus on team sales
3. Group bonus for business builders
4. Rank promotion bonus
5. Power seller monthly sales commission
6. Fast Start sponsor bonus
7. Generation bonus for business builders
8. Matching bonus

There are also 12 levels or ranks depending on your recruitment effort, the volume of individual sales, and team sales. Maintaining an active down-line is one of the challenges of MLMs due to the high turnover. 50% of recruits quit during the first year.

* Rank 1 = $50 in sales
* Rank 2 = $500 in total career sales
* Rank 3 = 2 active legs with a total sales volume of $300
* Rank 4 = 4 active legs with a total sales volume of $1,000
* Rank 5 = 4 active legs with a total sales volume of $2,000
* Rank 6 = 6 active legs with a total sales volume of $4,000
* Rank 7 = 6 active legs with 1 rank 6 team member, and a total sales volume of $4,000
* Rank 8 = 6 active legs with 2 rank 6 team members, and a total sales volume of $4,000
* Rank 9 = 6 active legs with 4 rank 6 team members or 2 rank 7 team members, plus a total sales volume of $4,000
* Rank 10 = 6 active legs with 4 rank 7 team members or 2 rank 8 team members, plus a total sales volume of $4,000
* Rank 11 = 6 active legs with 4 rank 8 team members or 2 rank 9 team members, plus a total sales volume of $4,000
* Rank 12 = 6 active legs with 4 rank 9 team members or 2 rank 10 team members, plus a total sales volume of $4,000.

While the compensation plan does not explicitly state that distributors must maintain a certain amount of personal purchases per month on auto-ship, you still have to sell products worth $50 every month. Most distributors end up purchasing products they don’t need, just to maintain membership.

Everra discounts and coupon codes are occasionally offered to members and customers.

You can check out Everra Compensation Plan PDF for more information.

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Are Everra lashes cruelty-free?

It is not clear from the website if the products are not animal tested or cruelty-free. They only state that the products are made from many parts of the World without stating the exact locations.

Share your opinion or experience with Everra MLM in the comments section below?

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