Is Comfyrs A Scam, Real or Legit? – Review.

Is Comfyrs A Scam, Real or Legit? - Review.

l was searching for women’s clothes, when an advert popped up on Facebook offering ”Up To 79% Off+Free Shipping” if l used Comfyrs promo or discount code. There was a promise that l can get the ”latest women’s clothes at cheap prices”.

That is how l ended up wondering; Is Comfrys a scam, real or legit? Or is it a fake website using a name similar to the popular USA based online shop,


The deals sounded too good to be true. So, l visited the website and was treated with many other offers such as ”buy 1 for $79 and get 1 free”. There was also a Comfyrs Black Friday offer to save 10% on most products.

Finding detailed reviews on was a challenge save for a few product review forums. l have learned how to create affiliate marketing websites for free. So, if l don’t find what l am looking for on the Internet l write my own review about it.

Let’s cut the chase;

In this review, l am going to look at;

What Comfyrs is all about, the founders, its location, and where the clothes are made. At the end of the review, we will conclude whether this company is a scam, fake, or legit.

Is Comfyrs A Real and Legitimate Company?

is comfyrs scam or legit


My first port of call was the company’s ”About Us” page. This is the page where l expect to find details about the founders of the company, when it was formed, and contact details.

l was really looking forward to finding Comfyrs’ customer service phone number or email address.

To my shock;

There are ONLY two sentences on the About Us Page;

”Comfyrs is a very nice company which stand on the the field of women‘s clothing. We are dedicated to product unique style for you”.

After some research, l discovered that Comfrys is one of the several companies advertising on Facebook owned by Starlink Technology located in Hong Kong. This is the name that will appear on your bank statement if you pay using a credit card.

If you purchase the clothes using Paypal, the account will show the name Shopping Technology Co. Limited. A sister company of Starlink Technology. So don’t be deceived by the currency used on the website.

Some of the several websites owned by Starlink Technology include;

The company owns more than 3o websites. They all look alike and they all sell women’s clothing. That is why it is difficult to get all of them off Facebook.

Alarm bells started ringing! Reg flags were popping up everywhere!

Comfyrs Return and Refund Policy.

The next port of call was the ”Return and Refund Policy” page. l was happy that the company had a ”30-day barrier-free refund policy”. Whatever that means.

Of course, there are products which you can’t return if you tried them on such as undergarments, pajamas, and so forth.

If you have any further queries;

”You can consult the specific situation, if you have any questions, you can consult the email address: support”

Of course English is my second language, but this sounds like the sentences were spat out of a content spinner. Or worse, Google translated.

Websites with glaring grammatical, spelling, and punctuation errors are often signs of spammy or fake websites. It costs a mere $5 to get a website editor on Fiverr.

You can visit my article on;

11 Ways To Check If A Website Is A Scam,Fake or Legit

Shipping Time.

According to the website, it takes 2-6 days just to process the order and up to +20 days to get the order delivered. Even in USA which is said to have a ”dedicated transport service”, it takes 10-15 days for the clothes to get delivered.

No wonder why people are asking;

Is Comfyrs an American company? Where is it located or based?

Given the delays in delivery of the products, it shows that it is NOT an American company. Compare this to Amazon’s Prime service which delivers products in USA within 24 hours from the time of purchase.

Comfyrs return address in China is said to be;

YEhang Fan, Mob: 86 13691832156, Warehouse No 5, Chaoyang Furniture Factory, Xingguang Village, Huangjiang Town, Dongguan City, Guangdong Province China, Post Code 523750. (Not confirmed).

The questions indicate that people are probably confusing and the USA-based

Where Are Comfyrs Clothing Made?

Where are Comfyrs clothes made

According to information on the website;

”Comfyrs is a platform from the online fashion shop with independent fashion designers. We strive to offer our customers original, high quality, and exclusive fashion products from independent designers.”

This implies that there is no specific location where the clothes are made although there is mention of a warehouse where the clothes are stored.

The only plausible explanation is that the so-called ‘‘independent designers” operate from different countries including Taiwan. The clothes are then shipped into the company’s warehouse. A probable reason why it offers such ridiculous discounts.

Women Clothing Advertised On Facebook.


– Animal shirts.

– Women dresses.

– Donkey shirt.

– Dragonfly T-shirts.

– Elegant Balloon Sleeve.

– Ropa

– Sack

– Sandals

– Shoes for women

Comfyrs Clothing Complaints.

comfyrs complaints bbb

There are complaints about the appalling quality and type of material used to make the clothing (Nylon or polyester instead of cotton).

Inaccurate sizing of the women’s clothing points towards poor quality control or the use of ”small” Asian sizes. You will be lucky if some of the clothes can even go over your head.

The company makes it extremely difficult to get a refund after products have been delivered and often offers 5 to $8 gift cards or vouchers.

Products arrive very late or at times are not delivered at all.

At times order tracking numbers issued by the company are invalid.

Complaints about unresponsive and unhelpful customer service are common around the web.

There are reports that the company blocks customer emails and they start receiving an error message;

<>: host comfyrs[]

Customers are coerced to keep the delivered products to avoid return shipping costs or gift the poorly made clothes to friends, family, colleagues, or neighbors.

Delivered products are totally different from the ones displayed on the website and images are at times badly pixelated.

Misleading adverts on Facebook claiming; ”Comfyrs is going out of business because of the Corona Virus” and they are having a clearance sale.

There is no packing list and shipping address for returns.

Only positive reviews can be posted on the website which are above 4 stars out of the possible 5.

You are offered varying amounts which are way below what you paid in order to keep the clothes.

Return shipping costs to China can be more expensive than the amount paid for the products.

Comfyrs’ Australia and Canada reviews report products being said to have been delivered to wrong addresses or a different region altogether.

Is There Anything Good About The Company?

They use PayPal gateway which makes it to raise a dispute with the company.

Comment by Nicole on Trust Pilot;

But at least i paid with Paypal so was protected, i NEVER use my actual credit card for online international purchases for this reason.

10% of the consumers reported having received their clothes as advertised with the right sizing.

The company offers a lot of gift cards, coupons, and discounts on products.

Offers free shipping for products although there is a charge for international shipping.

Is Comfyrs A Scam or Legitimate Company?

Is Comfyrs A Real and Legitimate Company?

Bringing everything together, it looks like the company advertises on Facebook, Google, and other websites. It posts enticing images of women’s clothing including printed T-Shirts. There are reports that they even ”crop” images of models putting on great looking clothes by ”cutting out” their heads from the neck up.

Once you visit the shop you are met with more beautiful pictures. You pay for the non-existent clothes and the company’s independent tailors try to replicate the purchased products (a reason why according to the website it takes 6-10 days just to assemble the order).

The hastily stitched clothes are then sent to the Starlink Technology Hong Kong warehouse in China for packaging and dispatch. To calm you down, you are issued with a fake tracking number. You also receive canned emails telling you to be patient claiming that the company is processing ”too many orders”.

After a long time, often running into months you realise that you have been duped and nothing has been delivered. You contact customer support and after several emails, you get a refund or your email gets blocked.

If you are lucky, your order will get delivered. You discover that the clothing material used, sizing, and colour are not as advertised. At times the quantities do not tally with what you paid for.

You try to return the poorly made clothes and you realise there is NO packing list with a return address. You reach out to support and they encourage you to either gift the ill-fitting clothes or you are offered a 5 to $8 gift card.

If you insist that you want to return the clothes and get a refund, support will tell you that the return shipping is to China and very expensive. Again they offer an amount between 10 and 20% of the amount you paid as a ”bribe” to make you keep the clothes.

While it is not compulsory for a company to be a member of the Better Business Bureau (BBB) it increases customer trust. The company is not a member of BBB.

You give up. Comfyrs wins.

That is why reviews on Comfyrs clothing online shop label it a scam. It’s certainly a real company that is deceptive in its advertising, sells scrap, and has the worst customer support ever.

How To Get Your Refund From Comfyrs.

How to get comfyrs refund

Now that you have already paid for your order and your instinct told you to look for Comfrys’ reviews. Or your order had missing items or hasn’t been delivered at all. Maybe the quality of the products is appalling and the sizing ridiculous.

1. Try to send an email to the company’s support – it seems as if initial emails are responded to. To avoid going back and forth, attach pictures of the clothes showing serials numbers on the packages. Do not send back the clothes without contacting support.

2. Contact your bank if you paid using a credit card to reverse the transactions.

3. If you used PayPal, raise a dispute and you will get your refund.

4. From my research, one of the customers reported having been assisted after calling phone number +1 8457953099. (Not confirmed). There is also a WhatsApp number 0708-784236 on Starlink Technology ‘s Facebook Page.

5. Share your experience and opinion to help others in the commentary box below.

Please note that there is no refund on undergarments and pajamas. You need to send an email to support before sending back the items.

If everything fails, take it as a lesson learned. Next time if you are purchasing products search for reviews online first from trusted websites and forums.

Now it’s your turn!

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2 thoughts on “Is Comfyrs A Scam, Real or Legit? – Review.”

  1. Total Scam, I returned clothing to the stated address:
    Comfyrs return address in China is said to be;
    YEhang Fan, Mob: 86 13691832156, Warehouse No 5, Chaoyang Furniture Factory, Xingguang Village, Huangjiang Town, Dongguan City, Guangdong Province China, Post Code 523750.
    It cost the same amount as the clothes but they were all too big. Not only was i stupid enough to return them but I got no response and the website has now expired, so I’m out over $140.00

    • l am really sorry Helen that this Comfyrs scam did not refund your money even after sending back the oversized items. l am glad that through our efforts, the website has been eventually taken down. Unfortunately, a dozen more websites from the same Chinese based company will pop up. Thank you for sharing your terrible experience with Comfyrs, it will help others stay safe. Take it as a lesson learned and move on with life.


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