Is Brendan Mace A Scam? – Review.

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Is Brendan Mace A Scam? – Review.

Have you stumbled upon one of Brendan Mace’s products of JvZoo, Muncheye, or Warrior Plus? Maybe you received an email with a link to one of his products.

Now you are thinking…

Is Brendan Mace a scam or scammer? You have come to the right place. In this review, l will look at who he is, his massive list of 50 products that he is promoting via Warrior Plus.

Whether the products are real, fake, or legit? In conclusion, l will show you one of Brendan Mace’s popular product that is 100% free. This is the basis of his of most of his products.

Who is Brendan Mace?

brendan mace Warriors Plus Forum JvZoo

According to his blog’s about me page, he comes from British Columbia. He studied Sociology at one of the Universities before he stumbled upon ”niche website development”.

He started creating niche websites promoting Amazon products and earning commissions.

He later discovered the art of creating software and offering affiliate marketing training promoted on JvZoo, Muncheye, or Warrior Plus. He also partners with other software developers such as Jono Armstrong, Neil Napier, Dalton Scott among others.

According to him, the success with affiliate marketing has allowed him to save a lot of time compared to when he was toiling 9-5 as an employee.

”Now I can relax with my beautiful girlfriend, loving family and awesome friends”.

Brendan Mace’s Products.

brendan mace products

He has created more than 50 products to date being promoted on JvZoo, Muncheye, or Warrior Plus. To come up with this review, l have gone through reviews and sales pages of most of these products.

It left me wondering;

Is Brendan Mace a scam or it is his products that are overhyped but under-deliver? Very few products have an average of 3 ratings and above.

What l discovered is that all his products are somehow related. Even though some of the training seems as if they are totally different or the opposite of other training. With a few exceptions.

The main theme being;

  • Creation of lead capture pages to capture emails.
  • Setting up an email autoresponder to send follow up emails.
  • Methods of generating traffic to the opt-in pages – Free and paid methods.
  • How to choose and promote affiliate products to the list and earn commissions.

Now let’s look at one of his flagship products in detail.

Let’s dive in…

Brendan Maces Zero Hour Work Days Review.

zero hour work days by brendan mace

This is one of his flagship products with more than 25 000 people who have joined.

And you know what else?

Most products are just re-harshed versions of Brendan Maces Zero Hour Work Days which is for free. Although it is free, it has affiliate links to paid software and some upgrades.

Let’s take a look:

From the screenshot above, you can tell that the course is about driving traffic to an opt-in page, collect emails, and make follow-ups.

Choosing affiliate programs to send to your list. There are also case studies in which Mace demonstrates how his training works.

Training Modules.

1. Zero Hour Work Days Guide – Overview of the program.

2. How to Access Upgrades:

  • Done for you copy-paste Emails $37.
  • Done for you Lead Capture Pages – $67.
  • One On One Coaching – $1997.

3. FREE Traffic Sources;

  • Interacting by posting comments on blogs and forums.
  • Facebook posts.
  • Blogging – creating content and ranking on search engines.

3. Trading Traffic – traffic exchanges with other affiliate marketers.

4. Buying Traffic – Buying Solo Ads.

5. Recommended Sellers – Proven Solo Ad suppliers.

6. Lead Capture Page – High converting opt-in pages (Mace affiliate links to Clickfunnels and Profit Builder $67)

7. Collecting Subscribers – Use of email autoresponder to send emails to your list (Mace’s affiliate link to Aweber).

8. Affiliate Promos – products to promote from JvZoo, Muncheye or Warrior Plus.

9. Bigger Commission Sales – How to promote products worth thousands of dollars and earn high commissions.

The demos of how everything comes together;

ZHWD Case Study — Part 1: Creating lead capture pages that convert.

ZHWD Case Study — Part 2: List of sellers and how to track Solo Ad traffic (Mace affiliate link to Click Magic).

ZHWD Case Study — Part 3: How much one can earn from a list of subscribers.

Free Resources – Include step-by-step training on how to create your own affiliate marketing website.

And the good news?

Zero Hour Work Days is free to join and go through the training. You just need a Warriors Plus account, create your free account, and go through the training.

You might be wondering:

What other popular products were created by Mace and how does it relate to his flagship product?

Let’s take a look:

The No List Secret Training.

This is one of his popular products. You really think it is exactly opposite the Zero Hour Work Days …. but you will be wrong.

It promises you to make money without;

  • Email marketing.
  • List Building
  • Solo Ads
  • Autoresponder

Experience – newbie-friendly.

What’s Inside The No List Secret Course.

  1. Introduction – Walkthrough.
  2. Setting up accounts.
  3. Finding offers.
  4. Setting up campaigns.
  5. Creating Ad Sets.
  6. Conversion Booster Method.
  7. Build Your Email List.
  8. Bonus Traffic Source.
  9. Conclusion.

5 Upsells and down sells between $67 – $197. These include done-for-you lead capture pages and other more effective traffic methods.

As you can see from the list of lessons inside the course. The theme remains the same; set up opt-in pages, collect emails to build a list, and promote offers to the list.

This is why at the time people think at times that Brendan Mace is a scam because in the end ”The No List Secret” teaches you;

”How to build an email list”. Yet on the sales page, it says ”No Email List”.

That is being deceptive.

This requires an autoresponder software and is certainly list building. You will also need traffic sources which include Solo Ads.

As l said highlighted before, the training is just another version of Zero Hour Work Days.

Is The Secret Weapon by Brendan Mace A Scam.

Find affiliate products to promote on ClickBank and WarriorPlus.

Create lead magnets or free offers to entice people to opt-in to your lists.

How to set up lead capture pages using InstaBuilder and append funnels to the opt-in page.

How to set up an email autoresponder (Recommends Aweber).

How to drive traffic to your offer using Solo Ads and free methods on Facebook.

As you can see from this brief secret weapon review, there is nothing really new that was not taught in the previous lessons.

You may be wondering again;

Is Incognito by Brendan Mace a scam?

Well, this again is another re-hashed product from previous versions.

The theme is the same;

  • Create a squeeze page or lead capture page.
  • Connect an auto-responder to the lead capture page.
  • Find affiliate products to promote from Warriors Plus, JvZoo, and Clickbank.
  •  Send traffic to the pages using both free and paid traffic, mostly Solo Ads.

List of other products by Brendan Mace.

Formula 10K $12.93

High Ticket Siphon $12.93

Beast Funnels $12.93

Shotoku System $21.00

Print Monkey $13.03

Set & Forget $13.03

You Gen Bots $23.06 – content spinning software.

1 Page Profits $13.11

Aurora 2.0 $14.95 – Automatic Webinars. Auto traffic from Pinterest and Instagram.

Stomperrr $17.97

TAKE IT $19.97

Smash My Campaigns $12.95

7 Min System $12.95

Eclipse Giveaway Free

Xmas Super Bundle $19.97

Super Funnels $27.00

Invi$ible $12.97

Equinox $34.95

Atomic DFY $23.97

Enigma $12.95

Vid Chomper $27.95

Kartel $16.95

Eclipse $12.95

Goodwill $12.95

Aurora $97.00

StealthD $12.95

Boomerang Buddy $22.21

Cash Magnets $12.95

Profit Maximizers $14.95

Octane $27.97

0 to 100 in 24 Hrs $12.95

Bang Bang Profits $12.95

The Fuego Breakout $12.95

Urgency Suites Pro $97.00

The Profit Factory $12.96

The Lost Code $12.95

El Bandito $12.95

Fuego Multiplier $12.95

The Clones $13.03

Incognito $13.07

The Banger Method $27.00

Raiken $19.95

Passivly $13.03

Ignition $13.57

The Awakening $15.17

Printly $15.91

Project Profit Academy $397.00

Lindgren’s Lazy Method $23.84

Six Figure Swipes $4.95 – emails.

10X Commissions $13.95

5K Publishing Paydays – on Amazon Kindle $7.41

Five Figure Freedom $2.94

While most of the products have a relatively cheap entry point below $20, they have several upgrades and up-sells some running into thousands of dollars.

Pro Tip: Make sure the front end product can generate enough money to pay for the next upgrade. If it can’t the upgrade is likely to be less useful as it builds on the front-end product.


ls Brendan Mace A Scammer?

I have quite a number of complaints by people around the web that he does not honor his money-back guarantee. There are reports by many people whose emails requesting for product refunds have been ignored.

Most of his products are just rehashed replicas of the previous one. There are several courses that are about; creating squeeze pages, offer freebies, send follow-up emails, and sending links to affiliate products. Most of the traffic methods and sources are the same.

Although he calls most of his products newbie-friendly, it’s not a walk in the park. You need some basic technical skills to create opt-in pages and link them to an auto-responder. The very reason why he offers a ”Done For You Upgrade”.

To many up-sells. There is nothing wrong with having upgrades but having 6-7 up-sells for the same product renders the front-end product useless.

Mace, on the other hand, teaches proven methods of affiliate marketing such as creating your free website and promoting any products of your choice.

Pro Tip: Pretend to move away from the sales page to get discounts or down sales.

What is your opinion or experience with Brendan Mace’s products?

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