Is Amplifei an MLM, Scam or Legit?

Amplifei Mlm

 Is Amplifei an MLM, Scam or Legit?

Has someone asked you to join Amplifei or is promoting the company’s gut health products? Now you are wondering if the company products are effective and if the company is a legit Multi-level company or an outright scam?

Whatever questions you have, you have come to the right place. l will tell you who is Robert Oblon, Amplifei founder. The five previous companies that he was involved in and why he left some of them for the wrong reasons. Briefly, l will look at the flagship products and whether they were satisfied by regulators. The compensation plan will be summarised, for those who decide to join the business side of the company.

Finally, l will help you decide if the company is a legit MLM, Pyramid Scheme, or Scam? Why it’s only the owners of the company who knows if it’s legit MLM or a Pyramid Scheme.

Stay with me:

Who Is Robert Oblon?

He is an expert in creating Multi-level companies and as usual, when one fails he will form another one. The downline or recruits will be introduced to the new “bright object” as the best thing after sliced bread.

I started learning about Mr. R Oblon when he was the co-founder of World Ventures and the travel portal called Travopoly. This was a travel-based Network Marketing company.

Of course, Olblon jumped ship on time before it began to sink and formed a company called Four Oceans.

The other director, Eddie Head was sued by WV for stealing company secrets after forming another MLM called Seacret Direct company which was a replica of his former employer’s business model.

We all know that World Ventures has filed for bankruptcy, leaving thousands of affiliates without being paid. There is a slight hope that it may be acquired by Verona International Holdings.

He then launched Four Oceans in 2014, a self-improvement company that acquired The Success Training Network. The flagship product was the “21 Days to Happiness”, learn how to be happy and experience self-fulfillment.

No one knows, how successful the company was and what is happening at the moment. What, we know has Oblon formed a company named Elevacity in 2016.

When and How Was Elevacity Started?

It looks like the travel booking engine, also cross promotes the former two companies. Elevacity was sued by Pruvit for selling keto products and “stealing” its affiliates. Yes, Elevecity was prohibited from selling Keto products and not to recruit anyone selling Pruvit products. Now the company’s website is redirecting to

As usual, once a company hits a rough patch, Oblon goes to form a “new” company, Elepreneurs in 2017. The company uses an MLM business model to promote Elevacity products and the training called Super Affiliate Marketing (S.A.M.).

Robert Oblon, again created Amplifei International, in 2016 after several disputes emanating from his previous companies.

What sells Amplifei?

Let’s learn from the horse’s mouth:

“We represent the finest brands and standout gut health formulas in the nutritional supplement industry, and we’re passionate about providing our customers a holistic, community-focused approach to health and wellness”.

The company’s flagship products are for maintaining sound gut health. The efficacy of using the products is beyond this review of Amplifei. Save, to say: just like any other supplements they are not regulated or certified by medicine control authorities because they are not classified as such. The reviews dotted around the web are polarised because most of them are from affiliates who are desperate to push the products and earn commissions.

In other words, Amplifei promises wellness and a great lifestyle using an MLM business model. There are so many health, wellness, and lifestyle-based companies similar to  Amplifei MLM. The pay-to-play and recruit-to-earn sort of business model.

It also seems as if Oblon has tried to separate the MLM side of the business, Amplifei from the retailing business of real products offered by Hapinss Brands.

Amplifei Compensation Plan.

As usual, the MLM’s compensation plan is unnecessarily complex and includes levels that only 0.01% of the company will attain during their lifetime.

l prefer the company explains the Amplifier comp plan. Below is a video explaining in detail the rewards if you join the MLM part of the business.

Amplifei Pyramid Scheme, Scam, or Legit MLM?

As l mentioned earlier, there is a thin line between a legit MLM and a pyramid scheme. The difference between the two depends on the ratio of sales to affiliates vs those to ordinary customers. All this information is not in the public domain, only the owners know the truth.

World Ventures, Travopoly, Four Oceans, Elevacity, Elepreneurs, and Amplifei. Most of these companies are now linked to The Happy Company. When you want to join any of these companies related to Oblon, you must ask yourself: if you can trust someone who is always hopping from one company to the other. Some of which he left after being accused of mismanaging funds.

From the reviews online, l did not come across any reviews that label Amplifei as a scam. There are a few complaints about products not being delivered on time or in the correct quantities. Amplifei customer support is also found wanting.

l have initiated the dialogues, share your thoughts or experience with the company in the commentary box below.

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