Review – Scam or Legit? Review - Scam or Legit

Did you stumble upon a ”too good to be true” offers or deals of electric products, wedding decor, or bridal gifts on Bing shopping, or Duckduckgo? You clicked on the advert and it opened a website called

Now you are searching for reviews of Decorsday to find out if it is a scam or legit. Congratulations on exercising due diligence.


You saw the big PayPal banner on the website which gave you comfort that the website is legit. So you paid for the product, but there is no confirmation email from the seller. The name of the payment recipient is someone else and not even Chris Salkeld listed on the website.

Later, a UPS tracking code pops up telling you that your product is on your way. You are super excited.

UPS sends you a message that the item has been delivered to your doorstep. You rush out to check if there is any parcel as indicated.

Behold there is NOTHING.

You immediately call UPS and they tell you that the parcel was delivered to a different address which had the same tracking code as yours. The product(s) are said to have come from Amazon.

You frantically try to get hold of via email or phone number without success. Now it’s time to throw in the ”Joker”; open a dispute with PayPal. The company sends the UPS tracking code to PayPal showing that the item was delivered.

Your dispute or appeal is thrown out of the window.

Now you are searching for Decorsday website reviews, to find out if it is a scam or legit. You find that it is a website based in China, which scams people by making people pay money for non-existent goods.

You are not alone!

There are hundreds of customers who fell for this Chinese online store scam.

l have also reviewed other similar websites that advertise products and then deliver replicas;

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What Is Decorsday All About?

According to the website, it sells;

”Wedding Decor & Signs Party Supplies Bridal Gifts”.

From my research, it seems the company also the website redirects people to ”hidden pages” with other electrical gadgets such as printers. These products can not be found when you visit the website.

The company is said to be in Texas, the USA. Yet an inspection of the domain name using third-party tools such as ”lookup” reveals that it is from China.

What is on the website;

Contact Us

(812) 679-0194

Chris Salkeld

10810, Richmond, Texas, 77406 United States

The correct information;

is Decorsday in Texas


They are based on different themes;



Southern Wedding




Bridal Gifts;

Tote Bags



Tea Towels

Why Should Stay Away From The Website? scam

The products cost less than a quarter of the original products to entice people to pay for non-existent products.

Payments are sent to individuals and not the company’s PayPal account.

Decorsday com issues you with a duplicate UPS tracking code for items being delivered to a totally different address.

No refund will be issued as items are said to have been delivered and there is proof of delivery from the carrier.

The company has no products in its inventory save for pictures posted on the website.

It uses a fake USA address with no street address when in reality it is based in China.

Decorsday customer support is non-existent, with emails going unanswered and the phone does not even belong to the company.

Is It Any Good?

From extensive research on various websites, l did not find any positive review of this website.

Decorsday Shipping and Refund Policy.

According to the website;

”decor day Store does not hold or accept responsibility for packages that have been stated as delivered by the carrier. We do not issue refunds or credits for packages that the carrier confirms as being delivered. You must contact the delivery carrier and address the issue directly with them”.

1. The company issues genuine tracking codes for goods bought and delivered to customers near you from Amazon. It then uses the ”proof of delivery” to avoid paying any refunds.

2. Once the carrier, UPS confirms ”delivery” of goods even if it is to a different address, your fate is sealed— no refund.

3. Once the items are said to have been ”delivered” the company will tell you to deal with the carrier and will not respond to any further inquiries.

With no product received or to return, no one ever gets a refund from this company.

ls Decorsday A Scam or Legit?

This Chinese based online shop is a scam. It advertises its ”products” using Bing Ads, banners on or on Duckduckgo. Once the company receives your money they issue you with a tracking code from UPS. The products are said to be coming from Amazon.

Although the carrier company will send you an alert informing you that your products have been delivered it will be to the wrong address. Any attempt to contact the company will be futile.

If you submit a dispute to PayPal, the company sends a confirmation of delivery from UPS to the online bank. Based on the submitted proof of delivery, PayPal refuses to refund your money.

ln my opinion, Decorsday is a scam. It collects payments but NEVER delivers any products.

How To Get A Refund From

how to claim refund from decorsday on paypal
Below are a few tips on how you can get your money back from this scam website. No method is guaranteed, but according to my research, some methods worked for others.

1. Credit Card – if you used a Credit Card to make the payment, open a dispute with your bank. There are quite a number of customers who managed to get their refunds this way. Unfortunately, this is not applicable if you used a Debit Card to pay for the order.

2. PayPal – getting a refund is extremely difficult since the company has perfected the art of ”proving” that the ordered items were delivered by UPS to your address. Gather and send ALL the important information at once to PayPal.

That is;

  •  Proof of payment receipt with your address.
  • Proof of residence which shows the actual address the items were supposed to be delivered to.
  • All the communication with the company included emails that were not responded to.
  • The address where the said goods are said to have been delivered.

This is important because if PayPal finds any missing details and rejects the claim, it is difficult to overturn the decision.

If everything fails;

Take it as a lesson learned the hard way. You can read my detailed article on 11 Ways To Check If A Website Is A Scam,Fake or Legit.

Report the website to the Federal Trade Commission.

Please share your opinion or experience and help others avoid the Decorsday scam in the commentary box below?

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  1. l have a lot of reviews on and this is more detailed. The website is a glorified Chinese scam and is being promoted on Facebook using different websites. Thank you for sharing.

  2. Thank you for saving my day with this review of It is totally a scam and l am happy that l did some research before taking out my credit card. Please keep on writing and posting such helpful reviews. Cheers.


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