Color Street MLM, Scam or Legit Business?


Color Street MLM, Scam or Legit Business
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Color Street MLM, Scam or Legit Business?

Were you searching for nail strips and wraps to avoid going to the saloon?… or someone has introduced you to the nail MLM Facebook group to learn about the opportunity to make money? Of course, nail wraps and strips are a thing since the days of Avon and Jamberry nails. Now you are wondering if Color Street is an MLM, Scam, or legit business?

Maybe the website keeps on asking you if you need a stylist or if you already have one. That is before you can browse through the inventory or even check out what it is all about. You then searched for reviews of

If you just want some nails, then visit Walmart, Dollar Tree, Ulta. Alternatively, you can visit the CS’s sister company Innovative Cosmetics Concepts (Incoco), and buy your nails at market price.

However, if you are interested in the business opportunity you can stick around.

l have already reviewed one of the nail MLM;

Beautycounter Controversy, MLM or Pyramid Scheme.

Just make sure you have a respectable following on social media. Probably a lot of loved ones who can purchase your nails out of obligation or pity. Whichever comes early. Hoping they don’t know they can buy them at half or quarter price elsewhere.

Otherwise, you will be your own customer. Remember, there is a mandatory $300 worth of nails that you must sell every 3 months to remain active. You end up having a ”garage qualification” to maintain status.

The moment you realize that you must buy nails worth $300 just to stay active, it’s time to jump the ship. You are making a loss.

Don’t listen to those vapid Color Street stylists who recruited you They want to keep you in the game for as long as possible. Remember they earn commissions off your purchases… they are NOT being friendly. Beware of brainwashing.

What Is Color Street All About?

Color Street’s was founded by Fa Pack in New York City. That is after Fa Pack had watched a girl struggling with filing her nails in 1984.

Do it for yourself (DIY) nail strips and wraps will serve you a lot of time by avoiding going to the salon for your manicure and pedicure. You need 10 – 15 minutes to do your nails. Especially these days when we are in the middle of the Covid-19 pandemic. Besides, you can cough up to +$40 at the saloon. If painting nails and waiting for them to dry up is your pet peeve.

A great alternative for busy and working moms to look good in a few minutes. The only challenge is knowing where to buy quality nail strips and wraps without breaking the bank. Most products sold via network marketing or nails MLMs tend to be pricey. The companies must compensate for costs incurred due to bonus payments and discounts offered to distributors.

As l said before if you are not remotely interested in promoting Color Street nails as a stylist then you may consider purchasing the kits elsewhere. Of course for half the price and keep some change.

You are better off purchasing the artificial nails from your local stores where you can just walk in and return the nails if you are not happy with them. Returning products through an independent distributor can be a hustle. You are offered endless suggestions and you can be pushed to buy more products to solve your problem.

Ask yourself if you would ordinarily purchase the nail strips and wraps if there was no ”opportunity” attached to it? Compare prices with other walk-in shops to avoid the regret of a bad purchase.

Color Street nail strips are made of nail polish when compared to most nail companies that use vinyl and acrylics. Unlike, those made by the sister company Innovative Cosmetics Concepts (Incoco), they boast of CS nails come with glitters.

This is what distinguishes the nails from other nail MLMs that are comparable to color street such as Jamberry. Avon MLM also used to have a line of nail strips which was discontinued.

So, how long does color Street really last?

According to the company, they can last for more than 2 weeks depending on the work you do of course. They may not stand heavy hand washing and prolonged hand dishwashing. Besides, in two weeks your nails will have grown and the nail strips will be out of place.

The pack comes with 16 nail strips, an Emory board, and 2 alcohol swabs to help when preparing nails. You will also apply a topcoat if you prefer. Just keep your nail remover at hand.

Most people find the plain nails difficult to apply when compared to the ones with glitters. The plain ones can be bought from Incoco, a sister company that uses the normal manufacturer, wholesale, retailers, and consumer business model. The reason why the nails tend to be cheaper.

Let us look at some of the popular nail products;

Are Color Street Nails Any Good?

Are color street nails any good

  • Long-Lasting: they can last for more than 2 weeks and only nail growth can cause one to remove them earlier than their life span.
  • Cheaper than salons: taking into consideration the extended period of time required to have a pedicure and manicure at the salon. Add on the cost. Artificial nails are a cheaper alternative.
  • No smudging: unlike painting your own nails, there is no smudging since they dry out almost instantly.
  • Portable: convenient when traveling.
  • High affiliate commissions (+50%) which is way above that offered by retail online stores.

The Bad?

Color street nails complaints

  • The nails dry up once opened: resealing the plastic package using a flat iron with a cloth on top or using a zip bag seems to work wonders. Freezing the pack was also suggested on one of the forums.
  • Learning curve: it will take a while until you can get it right. Remember the strips are a bit stretchy and you can use that to your advantage.
  • Expensive – the nails are pricey ($11-$15), at times more than double the same nails sold by the sister company Innovative Cosmetics Concepts or online platforms such as Amazon.
  • Color Street ruined my nails – this is a common complaint by some users of these nails mostly due to continuous use without breaks.
  • Difficult to remove: even with a good nail remover, the nails can be stubborn to remove and you may end up damaging your nails.
  • Nails split and peel: one of the common complaints. It is advisable to add an extra coat to the nails.
  • The success rate is very low, according to Color Street income disclosure, 50% of distributors earned an average of $22.06 per annum.

Color Street Compensation Plan Video.

The company has the usual complicated pyramid-shaped compensation plan. You can check the PDF or watch the video below for an explanation.

You can also check out Color Street Compensation Plan PDF.

Wrapping it off;

Is Color Street Legit MLM Or Pyramid Scheme?

Let me make it clear that product-based MLMs are legit. However, there is a thin line between an MLM and a Pyramid scheme. For instance, according to the Federal Trading Commission (FTC) guidelines, distributors MUST sell more products (+51%) to outside customers and not to their recruits or downline.

This is how a seemingly legit product-based MLM such as Vemma ended up abandoning the MLM side of their business after being busted by FTC. More products were being sold to distributors than to outside clients.

Only the owners know whether Color Street is still a legit MLM or has crossed the red line and is now a pyramid scheme according to the balance of sales. Some MLMs such as Herbalife have put safeguards to avoid being labeled a pyramid scheme such as restricting the number of sales to one’s downline.

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