Blaux Portable AC Review – Scam or Legit.

Blaux Portable AC Review - Scam or Legit.

Blaux Portable AC Review – Scam or Legit.

Most likely, you stumbled on an advert on Facebook advertising Blaux portable, wearable, or mini air conditioners (ACs). With summer approaching, you thought it was a good idea to grab one of these air coolers.

Your sixth sense told you something was wrong and you started searching for Blaux portable AC reviews and if it is a scam or legit. Congratulations on exercising due diligence.

If it is good to be true; it’s probably is!


Now it’s more than one month and you haven’t received any of the ordered items.

The tracking code is not working, phone calls are not being picked and your emails are not being responded to. You are getting canned excuses that delays are because of ”too many orders”, ”Covid-19 induced” or ”your order has already been delivered”.

Probably you are the few lucky ones, who managed to receive their Blaux Portable AC, only to realise that it’s a glorified ”fan”. It is not rechargeable and only works when plugged into an AC using a USB.

You want to know how you can return the products and get your refund but you are not making any headway.

You are not the only one. There are many people who fell for the scam.

The company and it’s aliases,, and various others have scammed thousands of customers worldwide.

The Facebook adverts target mostly American and Canadian citizens.

What Is AC All About?

What Is AC All About?

According to the website;

”This website (the “Site”) is operated by Strong Current Enterprises Limited (the “Company”) with address at 68308, G/F Kowloon East Building, 12 Lei Yue Mun Road, Kwung Tong, Hong Kong and email address”.

So, it is a company based in China, the probable reason why products take that long to be delivered.

It produces air filters, Ionizers, deodorizers, and air conditioners. These are said to be environmentally friendly and use ”natural charcoal” to eliminate odors.

It advertises products on Facebook and promises to deliver products within 2 to 3 weeks from the date of payment.

There are promises on the website of efficient customer support and quick refund processing.

Let’s look at;

Blaux Products.

Portable AC.

Swamp cooler.

Evapolar (Evaporative cooler).

Water curtain.

AC filters.

Allergen Removal Pack.

Air Purifying Power.

Double Filtration Pack.

Maximum Air Cleaning Mini Air Conditioners.


– Displays a beautiful array of lights.

Blaux Portable AC Complaints and Customer Reviews.


Shipping – products takes 1 to 3 months if ever they get delivered. The company gives excuses such as handling of too many orders, Covid-19 induced delays, or lies that the items were delivered.

Tracking – customers are issued with fake tracking numbers which makes it difficult to know the status of one’s order. There are false reports of failed delivery by the company citing incorrect customer addresses.


Not as advertised – Bait and switch. There are numerous complaints that the products are not as advertised. Blaux portable, wearable, or mini air conditioners are reported to be mere fans. They can barely cool down even the smallest of rooms. This is the crux of the Blaux portable scam.

Not Functioning – this is a very common complaint on various product review websites. To make matters worse, the manuals are not useful and support is not responsive. The ACs are said to operate only if you insert ice blocks or freeze the water in the cooling tray before use – the ice melts pretty quick.

Durability – there are lots of reports of the air conditioners or coolers just packing up while running and that is the end of it.

Not rechargeable – the portable ACs are said to be rechargeable but most customers failed to make them work without being plugged in directly into the power supply.

Power supply – it is only through the USB cord plugged in on your computer or similar devices.

Blaux customer service.

Phone – there are complaints that they are not answered, go to voice mail, or are answered by post-purchase survey robots.

Emails – they are rarely responded to using canned responses, otherwise, no-one ever replies to emails.

Lies – support staff pass on incorrect information to customers about orders having been send or delivered. The delivery time is not clearly stipulated on the website.

Beaux Refund and Return Policy.

Beaux Refund and Return Policy.

Unfair – according to the website’s terms and conditions;

”Section 23 due to health protection or hygiene reasons, the return of our product is not suitable after it has been unsealed or the packaging opened because resale or reuse of our product is impossible”.

This is grossly unfair because how do you know that the product is not functioning or is not what you ordered before opening the package?

Return address – it is not readily available since most items are delivered without a packing list. The support staff also claim that they didn’t receive the returned products even if one used tracking.

PayPal Refunds – while you will expect this to be the easiest way to get a refund, Baux often gets away with it by showing signed delivery notes.

False refund claims – there are people who were told that their money has been refunded but when there was no money deposited when they checked with the bank.

Better Business Bureau – Braux is not accredited by BBB.

No refunds – the company makes it extremely difficult to get your refund and instead offers customers discount codes to use towards the purchase of more products.

Other complaints.

Unsolicited emails – the company sends 2 to 3 emails per day advertising more products even if your first order has not been delivered.

Recurring payment – there are complaints by customers who had a recurring payment of  $14.99 per month deducted from their accounts. Looks like they have an auto-ship program for air conditioning filters.


Blaux Portable AC How Does It Work?

Customers suggest purchasing a USB adapter or plugging it into a computer or laptop. You also need to load the cooling tray with ice blocks or alternatively put the tray with water in the freezer. If you run the AC (fan) on max the ice will melt faster and it is likely to breakdown early. You can also dip the water absorption curtain into the water and put it in a freezer for at least 1 hour. This will help in cooling the air.

Blaux portable AC how long does it run or last?

According to the instruction manual, it can run for at least 90 minutes on a single charge. The is confirmation by users that the battery life lasts for that long.

Is Braux a Scam or Legit?

The Chinese based Braux company owned by Strong Current Enterprises Limited is a scam. The scam ranges from false advertising on Facebook, delivery of products different from the ones advertised, or products are not delivered at all.

It is extremely difficult to get refunds or return products since it’s based in China. Some people claim that the cheaper fans are more effective than the expensive air conditioners.

Furthermore, customer care is unresponsive and when you get in touch, the staff lies about the status of your order. It has been rightly called the buyblaux com scam.

You can read about companies that use the same method to scam unsuspecting people on Facebook;

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Share your experience or opinion about Blaux in the commentary box below?

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2 thoughts on “Blaux Portable AC Review – Scam or Legit.”

  1. i ordered and as of better than a month ago i have not recieved my coolers, that being said I’d like a refund, I guess this is another reason to make sure where an item is coming and that it’s not coming from China !!!

    • l am sorry to hear that you have not received your order Brad. It is not clear how you can get a refund from Blaux and most people have given up after failing to make any progress even after contacting Blaux Portable AC support on several occasions. The only option is to request a chargeback with your bank and dispute the charges. Keep me posted on how it goes, so that we can help others in the same situation. l wish you all the best.


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