Betofirst Review – Scam or Legit.

Betofirst Review - Scam or Legit.

Betofirst Review – Scam or Legit.

Have you paid for an expensive life-sized toy? Took almost 1 to 3 months to get your items delivered. Now at last, a McDonald happy meal-sized plastic toy has been delivered to your doorstep? You feel duped. You are now searching for reviews to check if it is a scam or legit.

You are now regretting the day you hit the ”pay now” button after bumping into advert on Facebook.

You are not the only one. There are many stories by people who bought super realistic human baby dolls on Betofirst. Only to receive a naked African doll that fits in their palm.

Others purchased battery-powered electronic dog toys that can bark and move, according to the advert. Only to receive a tiny plastic dog with nowhere to place batteries.

After learning how to create affiliate websites for free, when l bump into a company scamming people l sit down and write a review.

Let us look at what is all about, the founders, and what it sells.

Whether it is a scam, fake, or legit company.

Let’s dive in.

What Is Betofirst All About?

According to the company’s website;

”Welcome to Betofirst online store! Betofirst is an online store involved in fashion Shoes and Clothes which was founded in 2008”.

There is no mention of all the products the company sells including toys, hair removers, and home gadgets.

It is not clear where the company operates from, the founders, and contact address.

Using third-party tools such as ”domain-whois-lookup” l managed to establish that is registered and hosted in China (see screenshot below). The domain was registered in October 2019.

betofirst scam

The company is hosted in China on the popular online shop, Alibaba cloud servers.

Unfortunately, when you visit the website you can not tell that it is located in China. The prices are in United States Dollars which is quite misleading.

That raises a lot of red flags.

You can read my review of another website that operates the same way;

Is Comfyrs A Scam, Real or Legit? – Review.

The website advertises women’s clothes and later delivers undersized clothes made of totally different materials.

Let’s look at some of the products sold inside the online store.

Betofirst Products;

is legit

  • Pets.
  • Real life dolls.
  • Toys.
  • Expression masks.
  • Finger pulse oximeter
  • Premum CPAP cleaner and Sanitizer.
  • Mesh Miracle Portable Nebulizer
  • Sun Protection Wide Brim Bucket Hat
  • New Women Luxury Watch
  • Women’s hoodie winter jacket
  • Round Straw Bags for Women
  • Handmade Woven Beach Cross Body Bag
  • Hot Sneakers Flat Breathable Mesh Sport Shoes
  • 10 Pairs Men’s Cotton Socks Summer Thin Breathable Socks
  • Self-Watering Plant Glass Bulbs
  • 1000 Jigsaw PuzzleCar Convenient Support Assist Portable Handle Cane
  • Assorted Crimp & Heat Connectors
  • Grinder Porcelain Blade
  • Retro fashion zipper ladies backpack
  • Army Outdoor Quick Release Tactical Nylon Belt
  • Compact Size Emergency Survival Bag
  • Get your Car Blind Spot Rearview Mirror
  • Football Bungee Solo-Trainer
  • Four Seasons Universal Dani Leather Charcoal Car Seat Cushion !
  • Cycling Computer GPS Bike Meter

The product looks like products were picked at random and posted on the website. There are no product categories on the website.

While the website claims that it sells ”shoes” and ”clothes”, the list of products above is totally different. There are some opportunist products such as sanitizers and nebulizers to take advantage of the Corona Virus-induced challenges.

Some of the products such as ”self watering plant vases” and ”grinder blades” are totally out of place on the website.

Is It Any Good?

– Nice product images (although they are not the products company delivers).

– Offers free shipping.

Betofirst Complaints.

Betofirst Complaints

– Deceptive advertising – toys are not as advertised with customers reporting having received toys they can buy inside $1 shops.

– Poor support – emails bouncing back when sent to the given contact email – Email:

– The support phone number provided is not reachable – Phone:1-877-2534927.

– The company does not adhere to its refund policy – you are offered a gift card instead to purchase more products.

– Besides the late delivery of products, at times they are not delivered at all.

– The price of returning the cheap dolls to China is prohibitive.

– There is no packing list or return address inside the packaging.

Is A Scam or Legit?

Is a scam or legit.

It is a website that advertises various products on Facebook which include dog toys, dolls, and other pets or animals. They use beautiful images, stock photos, and offer discount codes to entice people to purchase their products.

The products are shipped from China and are often significantly different from the items advertised. They differ in size, quality of material, and appearance.

There are many complaints by people who paid between $50 – $120 for real-life toys only to receive plastic toys which can cost you $1 to $5 from local shops.

When you request for a refund, you are offered a 10% discount coupon on your next purchase. If you insist on getting a refund, you are offered a 10 to 30% refund of the total value of your amount.

Therefore, in my opinion, is a scam website that uses false or deceptive advertising to sell their products. Once they receive the money, they send a poorly made replica of the product advertised.

Share your opinion or experience with to help others in the commentary box below?

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2 thoughts on “Betofirst Review – Scam or Legit.”

  1. This company should be shut down!! After a 3 month wait I finally received my order consisting of 2 dogs-supposedly lifelike. They were horrible and nothing at all like the advertisement. I ordered two dogs and one was 4 times the size of the other, missing an eye and neither one had a place to put batteries-both were hollow. Their customer service is impossible to deal with and they refuse to give a refund. It is exhausting trying to deal with them. I finally told them to keep my money. Another lesson learned.

    • l am very sorry Linda to hear that you fell into this Betofirst dog toys scam and thank you for helping others avoid being reaped off. Most customer reviews on Betofirst echo the same sentiments, that the toys they received do not have the facility to insert batteries. Betofirst customer service is certainly a pain to deal with. While it’s quite disheartening to lose your cash that way, l am happy that you managed to let go and move on with life. Leaving such helpful feedback on forums and sending reports to regulating authorities such as the Federal Trade Bereau (FTC) will go a long way in fighting such scams. Unfortunately, the main company based in China uses several websites and domain names to advertise the products. If one website is banned on Facebook, they switch to another website name and use the same method of operation. So true, it’s a ”lesson learned”, it is important to read reviews before purchasing products online.


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