Affiliate Marketing South Africa.

Affiliate Marketing South Africa

Affiliate Marketing South Africa.

Affiliate marketing is a method whereby you promote other people or merchants’ products online to earn commissions. Since everything is done online, it means that it is possible to carry out online affiliate marketing in South Africa.

This is one of the 100% legit ways to earn money online. You will be promoting products of reputable companies such as Amazon, Addidas, Zando just to mention a few.

It involves applying for approval to become an affiliate for a respective program or product. You are issued with a unique affiliate link that you can promote. Anyone who clicks on your affiliate link and eventually makes a purchase, you automatically earn a commission.

The rates of commissions differ, from as little as 1%, with other high paying affiliate marketing programs that can pay as much as 90% commissions.

It is very easy to fail with affiliate marketing if you pick the wrong method. 90% of new affiliate marketers fail in the first year and leave money on the table convinced that it is a scam.

You can succeed if you follow the method that l am going to share and persist long enough to build a real online business.

Lets us look at the reasons why it is important to get started with affiliate marketing in South Africa, now, than ever before.

Why Affiliate Marketing For South Africans?

does affiliate marketing work in south africa

  •  The Covid-19 pandemic has left many South Africans without jobs or traditional sources of income.
  • The country has internet infrastructure which makes online affiliate marketing in South Africa possible.
  • Most, if not all online payment processors in the World can be used in South Africa as compared to other African countries.
  • Affiliate marketing is international and there is no limit to which affiliate programs you can join or promote.
  • You don’t have to deal with any inventory, customer support or process refunds.
  • There are many platforms one can join and learn about affiliate marketing for free.
  • Unless you restrict yourself to affiliate marketing companies in South Africa, earnings are mostly in United States Dollars which is more stable than the Rand.
  • There is no limit on how much you can earn.

Methods of Affiliate Marketing Online

There are hundreds of ways to promote affiliate products online. Below are the most common. l will tell you the method that l prefer and l will explain why.

  • Share links on Facebook – Post on your news feed helpful information and share your affiliate links. Search for groups related to your niche, contribute useful information, and share your links. It is important to note that FB frowns upon posting of affiliate links on its platform. Some affiliate links will be rejected or flagged as spam. Also, read the Terms and Conditions of the affiliate marketing program that you are promoting. Some do not allow sharing links directly on Facebook.
  • Pinterest – This is a great source of traffic especially for physical products since it’s more visual. Learn the basics of search engine optimization for Pinterest, so that your pins can pop up on the first page of search engines. Create eye-popping and customised images using Canva’s free membership option.
  • Instagram – A photo-sharing platform that can be used to drive traffic to your affiliate links.
  •  Creating Youtube videos – This is the second biggest search engine online. Will billions of videos watched per day. You can review products or programs then ask viewers to click on your affiliate link placed in the description below the video.
  •  Paid Advertising – This can be done on various social platforms including Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, and others. One can place adverts on Google, Bing, and other search engines. This is the quickest way to earn money with affiliate marketing in South Africa but it can be very expensive.
  • Solo Ads – You can take advantage of people with big email lists. They will share an email with your affiliate link embedded in the message. This sends traffic to your link and you pay per each click. You need to exercise due diligence, some people sell fake or bot clicks.
  • Creating your own website or blog – This will enable you to write a keyword-rich program or product reviews that will get ranked in search engines. The good part is, you can promote various affiliate products and you own the business. All the other methods discussed above can be used to safely drive traffic to your website without being spammy.

Free Affiliate Marketing Training, Tools & Support.

As discussed above, there are many methods of promoting affiliate products, programs, or offers. Most of the suggested programs are mostly for free. However, they require persistence, dedication, and consistency. You need to put some work into it.

Lets us explore one of the free or cheapest methods that most South Africans are using to make money with affiliate marketing.

Unfortunately, using other people’s platforms is risky. There are many complaints by people whose Social Network accounts will have been shut down for no apparent reason.

Entire Youtube channels with hundreds of videos, thousands of subscribers, and generating life-changing income have been closed overnight.

That’s why l recommend creating your own website. l use the platform on which l learned about affiliate marketing, created my first website, and earned $1 000+ per month in commissions. Life got in the way and l had to sell the website for $38 479.00.

Wealthy Affiliate South Africa.

Wealthy Affiliate South Africa

As you can see from the screenshot above, 4.86% of the 750K visitors to this popular affiliate marketing platform are from South Africa. This means approximately 40 000 South African affiliate marketers are using this platform.

Let’s have a peek inside the platform. You can also read my detailed Wealthy Affiliate Honest and Unbiased Review.

Wealthy Affiliate Founders – Kyle and Carson

Wealthy Affiliate Founders - Kyle and Carson

This platform was created by two seasoned affiliate marketers when they released that there was no platform offering an all in one place to get started with affiliate marketing.

The owners are Kyle and Carson, humble gentlemen who will welcome you inside Wealthy Affiliate. They will show you around and teach you all you need about affiliate marketing.

Why is this platform so popular with South African based affiliate marketers;

  •  It is free to get started with training – How to choose a niche (topic) – create your website – write content to get visitors to your website – turn visitors into customers and earn commissions.
  •  Payments are through Paypal depending on the affiliate products or programs that you choose to promote.
  • You get a free website, 60-second WordPress web-builder, and hosting for your first website (this is a sub-domain).
  • You get live support when you need it most, during the first 7 days after joining.
  • Learn while you earn – you can promote your affiliate links and earn commissions while you are learning about affiliate marketing.
  • 30 Free keyword searches using the easy to use keyword research tool.
  • You can explore ALL the Premium features during your first week of joining.

Wealthy Affiliate Premium Membership.

wealthy affiliate south africa

If you decide the platform is good for you and you want to scale up your business this is the way to go. You can grab the heavily discounted offer of $19 during your first month. You will then pay $49/month for the following months. Alternatively, you can take advantage of the discounted annual payment of $495 which is a 2-month free discount.

That sounds like a fortune especially with the sliding rate of the Rand against the USD. Below is a table that shows what you will get after upgrading to Premium Membership.

If you look at it, the cheapest and modest web-hosting that you can get is $5/month. With Premium Membership hosting for 10 websites, that would be $50/month. You will also get access to affiliate marketing training worth $1470 per year, 24/7 live support, keyword tool worth $19/month, a free .com domain ($13.99), and other bonuses.

After choosing a niche (target population). Creating your website. Writing helpful content. People visit your website. Now it is time to monetize your website and convert visitors to buyers via your affiliate links.

If your website is about physical products, l recommend that you join the Amazon affiliate marketing program in South Africa. Amazon Affiliate Marketing South Africa. This is a very popular online shop with various products. Apply to join the program, get approved, and grab your affiliate links to place on your website.

lt is popular because of high conversion rates. You will also earn commissions if the people you send to Amazon purchase any other products besides the ones you are promoting.

The only challenge is the low commissions (1-5%) and the affiliate cookie only lasts for 24 hours. This implies that if someone visits your website clicks on your Amazon affiliate link and does not buy any products within 24 hours you will not earn a commission.

Pro Tip: Join other affiliate marketing programs in South Africa that supply similar products as the one that you will be promoting with Amazon. Give your visitors an opportunity to compare prices. This is because Amazon’s postage, customs, and handling costs can scare away RSA customers. Some programs pay higher commissions than the Amazon affiliate program.

Affiliate Marketing Programs In South Africa.

Inside Wealthy Affiliate, there is a list of many affiliate programs that have been vetted and proved to be legit. These affiliate offers are in various niches or topics. Nothing is painful as toiling for the whole month promoting an offer only to find out that it was a scam, you are not going to get paid.

You don’t need to restrict yourself to affiliate programs in South Africa, that is the beauty of doing it online.

Other programs worth mentioning are;

CJ Affiliate In South Africa.


Warriors Forum.

JVzoo affiliate.

TravelOnline MerchantsHealth & WellnessBusinessOthers
Bags & Baggage4aKidNatural WiseStallion HostingHome Improvement Hub
Travel CheckMantalityThe Health Nut Eflex SourcingXtreme accessories
TripadvisorFuture LightPure NutracareLinuxweb iToys
Cape of Good Hope ToursLootCoach ParryTaxtimAdMarula
SafariNow Bid or BuyUSNAmple Hosting
Camper Travel Africa Zasstra Faithful to NatureAbsolute Hosting
JustGOZalemartMaster Health
Cape Town PassHannah PadPure Nutra Care
Bushmanskloof HotelTrionzGet Collagen ZA
Sola Cookware
Sell SA

Is Affiliate Marketing Legal In South Africa.

Affiliate Marketing is definitely a legit way to earn money in RSA. Since you are treated as an individual in business, you are required to register with the South African Revenue Services. You need to calculate your net profit after deducting all the expenses related to your business. Tax is then calculated on the net profit and remitted to SARS.

It is also a requirement to pay provisional tax before submitting the final return with actual figures at the end of the year. If the provisional tax paid is less than the actual tax, there is a need for a top. You may also get a refund if you overpaid the tax. Since it is treated as a ‘real’ business, it is mandatory to keep receipts of purchase for audit purposes.

Does ClickBank work in South Africa?

Clickbank is one of the popular affiliate marketing programs online. It sells digital products and software. Unfortunately, there are a lot of scrap products and one must exercise due diligence to avoid ruining your own reputation.

Clickbank affiliate marketing program is not available in some of the African countries including Zimbabwe. Fortunately, you can make money with Clickbank in South Africa.

How do I become an affiliate in South Africa?

As discussed above, you need to choose a niche or a specific target population. Search for affiliate companies in that niche and apply to become an affiliate. Once approved, you are assigned a unique link that you can promote using the methods discussed above.

However, most companies prefer that you must have your own website, write related content, and insert affiliate links. Here is one of the best affiliate marketing training for beginners in South African. You will get a free website, hosting, WordPress builder, and live support from experienced affiliate marketers.

Does affiliate marketing work in South Africa?

The good part with affiliate marketing is, it is independent of location. As long as you have access to the internet, you can work from anywhere in the World. It gives you freedom and it allows you to work from home in South Africa.

You can get paid by direct deposits into your bank, Paypal via First National Bank, or get cheques in your letterbox. There are few other affiliate marketing companies that pay using crypto-currencies.

There is no excuse, everyone needs a side hustle these days. Some successful affiliate marketers in South Africa quit their daily jobs and are enjoying their freedom.

Please share your experience, opinions, or questions in the commentary box below. l have initiated the dialogue.

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    • Thank you, Anitha for taking your time off to leave a well-detailed comment. Do not forget to come back and let me know how it goes. If you need a hand let me know. My user name inside the Wealthy Affiliate University is ”OnlineGeek”. All the best.


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